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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Invaders webseries nominated fr an award by IAWTV

Congratualtions to Catori Crawford on being nominated by the IAWT awards for Best Actress in a comedy in The Invaders web series: Angie's Logs You can see the first two episode here: http://tinyurl.com/kmueg9l

China's Chang'e 3 landing on the Moon | December 14

China has landed the first rover on the moon in 37 years, since the height of the space race, with its Jade Rabbit Lunar Rover, or Chang'e 3 (嫦娥3號). This is also the first soft landing of a spacecraft on the lunar surface in nearly four decades, making it a significant step in the country's ambitious space programme which plans to send a manned mission to the moon by 2030.

Chinese scientists are hoping to gather valuable information on lunar soil from this rover, which contains some of the most advanced robotics ever developed in china. Meanwhile, the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program will use the overall mission specs itself to see how to make an ideal manned moon landing in the coming decades.

Ouyang Ziyuan, a prominent Chinese geologist and cosmochemist, was among the first people to advocate the exploitation not only of known lunar reserves of metals such as iron, but also of lunar helium-3, an ideal fuel for future nuclear fusion power plants. Therefore the science, engineering and industry base in China have a strong incentive to explore and colonise the moon.

NEW EPISODE: Broken At Love Episode #14: "Taken to the Woodshed"

The sixth new episode of Broken At Love Season 2 (and 14th of the series) is here.

Episode #14: "Taken to the Woodshed" is an entirely female driven episode. Starring Karolina Sivas, Co-Starring Carly Reeves, and Guest Starring Tobie Elizabeth Easton, Kelsey Long, Myiea Coy, Rachel Wilde, and Thia Schuessler.

Watch Here:

And you can catch up on the entire series at www.brokenatlovetheseries.com or www.youtube.com/BrokenAtLove

Connect with us:

This is Bob

Christmas Barf

The Perfect Gift

Friday, December 13, 2013

What's Trending: #Tubeathon 2013

:::::NOTE: Tubeathon 2013 video stream begins at: 9 min 40 secs.

Tales From The Lab, Episode 3 "Madman Tape 3"

A man is accused of murdering a woman in Central Park, but the man claims he's innocent and blames the crime on a person he calls Jake. But is Jake real or the product of a delusional mind?

Venus Spa LIVES!!!

Canada's greatest scripted comedy series is returning for the ultimate crossover with Ninjas! This January, get excited... no, get PHYSICAL, again!!!

The Fall

Elders React to Brain Surgery Vlog (CTFxC)

Emma Blackery: Taken By The T-Rex

::::: WARNING: Adult themes :::::

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Out With Dad: "Out with (Song and) Dance" - episode 3x06

Your mid-season finale is our proudest achievement. It's Out With Dad as you've never seen it before. Rose may be down but Claire has a cure for that.

We're Storytellers on a New Journey (+playlist)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Out With Dad: "Outed" - episode 3x05

Days since the events of the previous episodes, and something is different at school... soon Rose is mortified to discover she has become suddenly famous. But it's Vanessa's life that is really falling apart. No best friend, no girlfriend and parents who refuse to let her be herself. What do you think Vanessa is going to do next?





Englishman In L.A follows the story of British Author, Tom Dingle, who comes to Los Angeles to promote his best-selling romance novel, only to be swallowed up by "the biz" when his book is threatened to become a Hollywood cliche movie. The Series stars Cameron Moir (Non-Stop), Ashley Fink (Glee) and Eddie Jemison (Ocean's 11,12,13). Be sure to Subscribe!

Ayone But Me (new web series) - Episodes 5 and 6 (finale)

Hello, guys! Here's the last 2 episodes of "Anyone But Me". This web series is about a guy who only sees himself, and he's always at his house. Doesn't matter who he sees, and doesn't matter where he goes. It's a comedy-drama, with some parodies. Nothing much serious. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Every Fighting Game, Ever.

YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say?

To celebrate 2013, we invited some YouTubers to star in a mashup of popular moments this year. Can you spot all the references?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Out With Dad: "Swashbuckling Adventures of Making Out" - episode 3x04

The night of "Dining In & Out" and "Storming In & Out" continues when Rose and Claire decide to escape the messy real world by going to the movies. Nothing says escape like the swashbuckling adventures of Pete Winning and the Pirates.

Hayley G. Hoover: How to be 22

It's miserable and magical, oh yeeeeeeaaaaaaah.

TownSpot.tv and New Box Sets!

The work to build the audience Shotgun Mythos continues.  And we are pleased to have found a distribution partner in TownSpot.tv.  The site started out as most of us web series creators did...something in their local markets, but they have recently expanded nationwide and we are thrilled that they contacted us to let us know about their expansion and give us the opportunity to join them. Unlike most portals, it allows visitors to the site to sort by market.  So if you are looking for works by indie creators in your area, you can get on there, sort it and find the local talent.  Makes it a great networking opportunity as well as entertainment site.  They do view shows prior to putting them up, to ensure that they are putting up quality programming.  If you are interested in checking them out, visit TownSpot.tv.

Also, Season One is finally done...no really this time.  I mean it. The finale aired in November, and we have been doing the mad dash to get the box sets out for the holidays.  We have recorded behind the scenes interviews, cast commentary, added music videos and family trees for the characters in the show.  4 dual layer discs stuffed full of content! And we created limited edition posters to go out with the DVDs.  You can check out the DVDs on our site.

To all of our fellow web series creators and web series fans, Happy Holidays!

TED Talks: Boyd Varty: What I learned from Nelson Mandela

"In the cathedral of the wild, we get to see the best parts of ourselves reflected back to us." Boyd Varty, a wildlife activist, shares stories of animals, humans and their interrelatedness, or "ubuntu" -- defined as, "I am, because of you." And he dedicates the talk to South African leader Nelson Mandela, the human embodiment of that same great-hearted, generous spirit.

Dating Savannah Love-Official Trailer

Name Brand Films presents.....Dating Savannah Love. A new webseries about finding love online. Check out the trailer NOW & tune in Jan 3, 2014 for the premiere of Episode 1!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Out With Dad: Storming In & Out" - episode 3x03

Picking up right when we left off in "Dining In & Out", is "Storming In & Out". Rose and Claire's evening has turned out to be a bit more dramatic than they bargained for. Surprisingly for Rose, the drama doesn't stop when she gets home. What do you think of Nathan's reaction to Rose's request?

Why Some Web Series Catch On And Many Don't

This article was published by Jeremy Campbell who's Founder and President of the collaborative freelancing website specifically for video and film projects, Spidvid.

I do my best to read a book a month, and it's something I really enjoy doing. The book I recently read is called Contagious by Jonah Berger. In Jonah's very well written book he articulates 6 principles, or STEPPS as he calls them, which cause things to be talked about, shared, and even imitated.

I'm going to do my best to apply the 6 principles to the web series space below. Be sure to buy and read the book too as it is truly an incredible product with many interesting insights. 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon certainly doesn't lie!

1. Social Currency - How does it make viewers look to share or talk about your web series? People like to share cool content with their friends, family, followers, and fans to build credibility and influence. Or in today's world, "social currency."

2. Triggers - Create shows that stimulate viewers enough to think about them in social environments. When a video can trigger something in someone's mind, that's huge because your video has made a memorable impression, which can lead to it being organically shared. Make sure that your Episode 1 totally kicks ass!

3. Emotion - How can we create shows that make people feel something? Emotional content often gets shared. Videos must make viewers feel something in their gut, often negative emotion trumps positive emotion. Just watch your evening news, there's a reason you see more bad stories than good unfortunately.

4. Public - Can others see what you're watching while online? Most of the time the answer is likely no, unless you are killing time at work, or perhaps on your iPad at school. But for the most part, we tend to watch videos on our computers alone. If you create episodic content that is being watched in groups, this can be an amazing thing to generate conversation around your content.

5. Practical Value - If you can create shows which add some sort of value to someone's life then good on you. I enjoy creating how-to cooking videos with my girlfriend, and collaborating with other creative talent. I have received many comments, tweets, and emails thanking my team and I for helping viewers discover new delicious recipes which they go onto make and love. That's very rewarding, and generates plenty of positive word of mouth/mouse too. I have embedded one of my favorite episodes below, How To Make Chicken Enchiladas. Click the play button to watch the video, but I warn you not to watch while hungry!

6. Stories - Viewers don't just share information or entertainment, they tell and share stories which resonate with them personally or professionally. Storytelling helps to break through the clutter, and captures the essence of a meaningful connection to viewers. We tend not to remember stats and most details so well, but stories can travel with us for years, or in some cases last a lifetime.

I'll be honest, I haven't re-read many books, but Contagious could be one of those that I pick back up in 5 or 10 years from now, it's that good. Thanks Jonah for writing a compelling story that I'm motivated to and passionate about sharing here on Web Series Today!

Batman vs. Superman - The SuperVillain

It's the big controversy. Who will the next super villain be on Batman vs. Superman? With Wonder Woman in the mix, things just got a whole lot harder.

Behind the Scenes: A HAUNTED set???

More behind the scenes fun as the gang from Chad Media shoots their first video for their very first major sponsor! But is the set haunted? Watch the footage we found and judge for yourself!

Kids React To going to the store!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bart Baker: Lorde - "Royals" PARODY

Out With Dad: "Dining In & Out" - episode 3x02

All families are strange in their own way. Now, it's time for Rose to meet Claire's. Meanwhile, Angela has been understanding until now with Nathan's dating failures but how will she deal with his latest, most serious, misstep? Both Rose and Nathan explore the challenges of dating in "Dining In & Out"

Protesters Topple The Lenin Statue In Kiev

Protesters Just Toppled The Lenin Statue In Kiev — This Video Captures The Historic Moment

Read the full story:

The Ushers Ep 1 - Prologue - #Theusherswebseries

Ep. 1 -  Prologue
First episode of The Ushers - A Dark Tale of a Bright Night, the webseries written by Chiara De Caroli and directed by Andrea Galatà - follow us also here: https://www.facebook.com/TheUshersWebseries

Ep. 1 - Prologue
A young priest meets in Rome a girl in need for help, while a man calls him from the UK telling the priest he’s dead. Somebody asks to be exorcised, and a man with no name kills himself in Berlin...and this is just the beginning.

Directed by Andrea Galatà
Written By Chiara De Caroli, Andrea Galatà
Starring: Andrea Galatà, Chiara De Caroli, Gerry Shanahan, Marcel Romeijn
DoP: Guglielmo Pinsone (Italy), Niamh Kennedy (UK)
Music by Alessandro Fusto
Main Theme Marco Buschini

Shot in: Rome (Italy), London (UK); Berlin (Germany)

"We're Storytellers on a new Journey"

GAMING NEWZ: Wars of Hero Monster Develop Last Reset

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