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Friday, August 24, 2012

White Liars - "The Set Up" (SEASON PREMIERE) - Ep. 1.1

Timothy Michael Forbes is an out of work, out of luck actor when his friend calls with an interesting business proposition.
White Liars follows the exploits of Tim, a down on his luck New York actor in need of a job and his friend Chet, who has lots of jobs. Their journey takes a satirical look at the world of business, non-paying theatre, and the little white lies that end up becoming much bigger down the road.

HAMBURG HEARTBREAK Webseries - Episode 1

HAMBURG HEARTBREAK Webseries Episode 1 from Marcel Parviz on Vimeo.

The first episode of HAMBURG HEARTBREAK ! This is how the magical, modern fairy-tale begins.
See Corazon living in harmony with her father and her beloved Antonio until the temptations of the big city come creeping in. A story about great love and powerful friendship - a fantastic adventure.
For more info go to: www.hamburgheartbreak.com

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fashion, Passion, and Obsession in Milan - Sonia's Travels

Join Sonia Gil for a stroll through Milan's bold and passionate Brera neighborhood. Sonia begins at the grand Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano) and continues on to one of the world's oldest shopping centers, the beautiful and lavish Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Cosplay Facebook Accounts Are Apparently Disappearing Left and Right

So, many cosplayers on Facebook are beginning to migrate their cosplay personas to fan pages, where they should be able to assume any identity they please.

Read the full post:

The Philip DeFranco Show


Sarah Palin Gives Obama Advice to Win the Election - The DeFranco US Election Weekly Recap #1


http://guidestones.org | @guidestonestv | 

Sandy discovers hidden documentary footage of Harold Glenndenning.

Stay up to date on the latest Guidestones news: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Guidestones is also available on Hulu.

H+ Episodes 7-9

Corridor Digital: There's An Alien On Your Head!

There's An Alien On Your Head is the catchy name for the newest video by Corridor Digital. Can you identify all four of the head-hopping aliens? I only managed to identify a measly two.

Press Heart To Continue: GAMING NEWZ: 4 Powerful Dancers Curiously Unite

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl

They keep calling...

Meeting with the "Real Paranormal Investigators"
Filling the Scooby-Gang in on the Next Haunted Adventure
Checking Out the Haunted River House (during the day when it is safe!)

Continuum Ep 08: The Ex-Terminator

It is the penultimate episode of Continuum and the video names seem to be getting worse as we go on. Thankfully the episodes are getting better as the plot like Tipton's memories are revealed.

Devin Super Tramp: Freddiew and the Last Crusade

OJBG's Secret Project - Panda Head's END OF SUMMER BUMMER / The Fridge Fresh Produce

Recently Panda Head brought us END OF SUMMER BUMMER, a series of new short films by some of their very favorite movie-making friends from in and around the District--including "Bottle Pop" by Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden's very own, Otessa Ghadar!  The event kicked-off The Fridge 2nd Annual FRESH PRODUCE, a one-month festival, showcasing the breadth and depth of the DC arts scene.  Assistant Gallery Director, Emma Fisher, tells us about some of the upcoming events.

The Fridge is located on Barracks Row in the Eastern Market neighborhood of DC.  Get updates on Fresh Produce:  http://thefridgedc.com/

And find out more about Panda Head here:  http://pandahead.blogspot.com/
The creators of teen web series Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden have created the Secret Project. Get the low-down on upcoming events, cool people & secret places in Washington, DC.

Napoleon Bon Appétit - "Blood Pudding" (SEASON FINALE) - Ep. 2.8

Napoleon is in a mischievous mood, but that may get him in trouble when he and the Kitchen Wench make blood pudding.
Meet the cooking show with a complex. Napoleon and his Kitchen Wench conquer a new recipe every episode.

For the recipe seen in this video, check it out here

Dungeon Bastard - Ask The Bastard - WWSP?

Robert, Sean & Robot sing a very special song for all their friends!

Tartar Control - Jesus Is Love

Robert, Sean & Robot sing a very special song for all their friends!

A Threesome on The Ex-Box? See if Nate finally gets some satisfaction!

Nate finds himself caught in the cookie jar when he bites off more than he can chew trying to please Jezebel with a threesome.
THE EX-BOX Ep #9 "THREESOME?!" by theexboxseries

Tartar Control - Ask Tartar Control #1

Mormon punk rock pals Sean & Robert answer questions from fans.

Inside The Legend - Arachne

The sexiest, most terrifying spider, the very first Spiderwoman, Arachne visits Inside the Legend!


Our second and last trailer ! And the first episode will be here on WST end of the week !
Don't miss it ! Enjoy and have a great day !

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Howard Gets an Interview Web Series

Hi All!

I just wanted to share my web series with everyone on this blog. Logline and info are below. I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your thoughts!

"Howard Gets an Interview" follows the trials and tribulations of Howard Zitter, as he tries to land a job in corporate America; the only problem is Howard can't seem to catch a break.


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HowardGetsAnInterview

Thanks so much for watching!

-David Salzberg

Press Heart To Continue: GAMING NEWZ: Worlds Of Zombies Found In The Jungle

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Monday Knights-Chapter 11: Special Abilities

That darn bone monster always seem to show up at the worst times! Can our heroes make it to the Hallway of Doors before it's too late? Will Rayfax be devoured by Clamrod's undead minion? Well...what are you waiting for? Watch and find out!

JF2: Primal Fury - Episode 1: The Adventure Begins - A Puppet Web Series

Pussy Riot: MorninTime #6

Quinnifer's tribute to the imprisoned girl punk band, Pussy Riot.

 MorninTime is a new comedy cartoon talk show created for http://www.tvgasm.com that addresses groundbreaking issues like traffic, fixing cracks in coffee cups, and celebrity news and gossip. If you like, share and subscribe to our page http://www.youtube.com/mornintime new episodes every Monday, and check out http://www.tvgasm.com for more videos and recaps. Fred and Quinnifer are on Facebook! Give topic or guest star requests there! http://www.facebook.com/mornintimetv Tweet story ideas, tips and requests to us @CankleTV To check out all of our animation and ReDub voiceover sketch videos check out our other channel: http://www.youtube.com/fredcankle To find out more about me, go to my site: http://www.ronniekaram.com or my video archive site http://www.cankleTV.com

Hopeless Virgins in Love - Episode Eleven

Carl tells his best friend about his first sexual experience.

Hopeless Virgins in Love is a 26 episode web series. New episodes launch every Sunday.

Laps - Chad Diez (Director Spotlight) & First iPhone Test

Writer/Director Chad Diez is joined by Art Hall (Nathan) and Rachae Thomas (Stephanie) to reflect on how they met, the "Chad look" and the worst time while filming Laps!
An original iPhone series about a cigar smoking over-eater desperate for a change in his life.

In this bonus video, see our first attempt with the iPhone to shoot the show.  This test episode helped us gauge the tone of the show as well as how to push the restricted technology in the iPhone.

OJBG's Secret Project - Meridian Hill Park

Shawn Golanksi, who plays Corpsman Shane Gordon on Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden, gives us a look at the beauty, culture and history of Meridian Hill Park (aka Malcolm X Park), located in the Washington, DC neighborhood of Columbia Heights.  Local residents and out-of-towners share what they enjoy about the park, and Shawn shows off some of his parkour skills.
The creators of teen web series Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden have created the Secret Project. Get the low-down on upcoming events, cool people & secret places in Washington, DC.

This Week in Webseries - Episode 11 - Wrestling, Youtube and the Streamy's

Let's Kill John Stamos! - Episode 5 "How to Move a Couch (Not a Dead Body)"

We're halfway through the season!  Let us know if you like the show so far!

And make sure to subscribe on YouTube.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ragged Isle Mystery Continues.....

It's no secret that I love Ragged Isle and the Season 2 finale was amazing!  Kudos to Barry Dodd- the editing kept the audience at the edge of their seats and the cliffhanger was aggravating as we have to wait until Spring 2013 for the answers!  Will we finally get answers or more questions???  

In Season 2 things revved up when the 'Men In Black' aka FBI and a scientist from the CDC arrived on the island, black helicopters in tow.  It's clear to see there are 2 'alien' factions fighting for control of the Isle, with the townsfolk stuck in the middle.  As always, the suits haven't got a grasp on what's going on but the local Sheriff is conducting his own investigation with the CDC scientist in his pocket.  How long have these 'entities' been on Ragged Isle, why are they fighting and what is it about the Isle that makes it so desirable to them?  How do the locket Vikki Burke has, the fire at the Sardine Factory 40 years ago and the mysterious, forbidden north end of the Island fit together?  Your guess is as good as mine! 

I suggest fans go back and watch ALL 16 episodes....then tune in for Ragged Isle's final season in Spring!  Until then....don't go to the north end of Ragged Isle because you never know what will grab you in the middle of the night and remember, it's not safe to go into the water!!

Follow us on twitter:  @RaggedIsle

Fumbling Delivers Season 2 w/a Bang!

Wednesday Fumbling Thru The Pieces started their second season and didn't skip a beat!  This quirky, fun loving and hilarious show created by Julie A. Smith is one of the best web series out there.  Last season ended with the news Jesse's husband actually had 2 wives and this season began with Ellie and Jesse's mother strolling back into town w/her partner Janice.  Ellie almost had a stroke when her mother explained they had been on a retreat 'finding themselves', stripped naked and threw their clothes in the fire!  Hilary B. Smith delivered a great performance as always, clearly unnerved, especially when her mother announced they would be in town....permanently! 

Of course the premeire couldn't be complete without Ellie's psychic friend Barb trying to 'read' her husband Vince and wacky neighbor Shara showing up, camera in tow to film the family reunion!  I loved it!  All I can say is, Ellie and hubby Vince have their hands full with lot more drama to come as Ellie is being sued!

Michele Lee and Bobby Eakes join the cast this season, along with Dale Rahol who I have a feeling Ellie will welcome just as much as her own mother!  If you want a show with a stellar, awarding winning cast and amazing writing, you must see Fumbling Thru The Pieces!!

Website: Fumbling Thru The Pieces Website
Twitter: @FumblingPieces

Jullian Assange talks at the Ecudorian embassy in London

Sync - Episode 7 (by Corridor Digital)

Press Heart To Continue: GAMING NEWZ: Crashers On Live Castles Use Fabled REDkit

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