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Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's a Cassi Christmas - bathtubbookworm (theCoalition)

The past is gone and a new horizon is before us. New friends, new adventures, new challenges... But most of all, a new hope.

Wishing you peace, goodwill and only the best in the coming year.

Merry Christmas!

Visit theCoalition

The Key - masonishappy

Wait for my sign.

Amanda comments on "The Show Is Yours"

Amanda Says:
December 19th, 2008 at 12:43 pm
We responded directly to Rose, but we’ll restate here - they DO NOT have to be new characters. Old characters, seen or referenced, are all fair play. Good luck and have fun!

Amanda Says:
December 19th, 2008 at 6:23 pm
LG15: TSIY is our opportunity to showcase your talent. We want to see you take the LG15 Universe in whatever direction you think best. This is not intended to be LG15: The Resistance Season 2, so feel free to create any story you want in the LG15 Universe. Whether it’s big picture - a war in The Order - or a small window into one person’s life in the Hymn of One through bedroom video blogs- a show does not have to be high concept or have a high production value to be chosen.

Specifically, to answer Rose Crowley, this your production. EQAL’s part in it is to make sure the mythology stays consistent because your show, if chosen, will be considered canon. Rose, I would recommend teaming up with others in the community to produce your idea. I saw many people on the comment board talking about a collaboration, which I think would be fantastic. We are looking for a minimum of 2 videos per week with a total of 16 minimum videos for the entire season. So if 4 of you get together, it would only be 4 videos person for the season.

Redidk - Unfortunately, EQAL cannot grant you any special access to the actors. If you bump into Jessica Rose at the mall and she has some spare time then go ahead and include her.

Source: insideLG15

12 Great Tales of De-Friending

De-friending has always been awkward. Social networks offer one click “remove a friend” options, but it still doesn’t make the decision any easier.



Elevator - Green Ball of Doom

Ryan Higa carries a terrible curse.
Buy your very own copy of "Ryan and Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure" here:
Follow my exploits on twitter! http://www.twitter.com/woodytondorf

Project For Awesome: Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis

This is my submission for the 2008 Youtube Project 4 Awesome! I support the Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis. You can find out more about them here:
to donate : http://www.acceleratedcure.org/about/...
And to follow my exploits and death-defying feats of comedy:
Thanks Alan for the help with the thumbnail:

Happy Holidays!

Music industry drops effort to sue song swappers

The group representing the U.S. recording industry said Friday it has abandoned its policy of suing people for sharing songs protected by copyright and will work with Internet service providers to cut abusers' access if they ignore repeated warnings.


Online Jihadists Plan for 'Invading Facebook'

But one of the units will focus just on spread English-language propaganda through Facebook.


Sitting in moderation..

by abandonskies23

There's a reason why I haven't been posting videos, haven't been typing up blogs, and that reason will be saved for Monday's video.

Read the full post: http://abandonskies23.blogspot.com/2008/12/sitting-in-moderation.html

GENESIS - cassieiswatchingzero

yesterday I was no one
today I was here
tomorrow I'll be gone

Today IS The New Tomorrow- cassieiswatchingzero

today is my tomorrow
and I've finally found you
and all I could say
we're going to find you

No Time for That - joshfialkov

Music and Video by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Featuring: William Jake Williams III on Bass
Aimee Zoe Tubbs on Drums
Music Produced by Brian Dawson

The Year in Tweets: 10 Most Memorable Twitter Moments of 2008

2008 has been a big year for Twitter.


5 things that make you happy - RoastyToasty13

i hope i get some response videos!! if not, it was a fun video to make :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Felicia Day up for Shorty Award (Twitter)

The Shorty Awards honor the world's top Twitterers. You can nominate as many people for as many categories as you'd like until midnight December 31st.

Felicia Day (The Guild, Dr. Horrible) is nominated in a few categories, but most of her votes are in the entertainment categories. The top five nominees in each category will move on to a final voting round. Felicia is currently in 6th place, right below the safe zone.

Vote for Felicia in the Entertainment Shorty Awards

Season's Greetings from theCoalition

Hey everyone! The year is just about over and a new one will be upon us soon. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for your support and let you know of some recent changes over at theCoalitionTV.com

As the site continues to grow and add features, Bob has also made a couple of changes and additions to our team. We are proud to say that the admin/mod team now includes three former LG15 moderators - myself (trainer101), Chershaytoute and Libra.

The 13thLevel - a story developed by and revolving around members of the community has been added to theCoalition playlist. You'll recognize your friends Cassi, Andrew, Jill, Maddy, Nathaniel, Kaitlyn and occasional commentary from Mitch. You can see some of them in the Black Friday story arc featured here at LG15today.

Expanded profile pages - You can now post videos directly to your Coalition profile or add images to your personal gallery and share them with your friends.

Twitter - Do you tweet? Twitter updates have been added to your Coalition profiles. Now everytime you update Twitter, you can let all your friends at theCoalition know what's going on with you at the same time.

theCoalition Viewing Room - featuring independently produced series.

Community Videos - Got a video? Post it to theCoalition Community Video section and share it with the everyone.

Chat - IRC chat is now part of theCoalition website. Stop by and say 'Hi'!

Expanded Forums - We will be restructuring the forums to give a larger presence to UGC, community activities and general fun and games.

There's a lot of new stuff coming so jump in and join us. Need a starting point? Check out this fun video from Ziola and TrueFr33Will.

Visit theCoalition

Videø 3/5 - Subscribefutureagerevolution

"Just a day or twø after the assassinatiøn øf President Jøhn F. Kennedy...høw løng can øur [REVØLUTIØN] last?"

Videø Recørd:


Hope for the future.

"That was, until I met Lucy. She always told me I was always her favorite and they she would use me for herself. But honestly, seeing how much Sarah is like her, I could swear they were mother and daughter."

Read the full article: http://www.abandonskies23.blogspot.com

I've Got The Problems (RutEarth29)

I'm going to regret this whole attempt at "pouring out my inner-most issues" I can feel it in my blood. Why don't I just get a diary? 

Oh...that's right...risking deportation..gotcha'

P4A - World Food Programme - michiev

i know i uploaded this late, but i couldnt actually upload it before the 17th SORRY


i couldn't film anything, (no camera) so i just made a picture collage

photography - me
music - world on fire
artist sarah mclachlan

QUESTION: what Charity means the most to you and why?



more than five things that make me happy - michiev

okay seriously bad quality
but yeah

The Truth - DerrickDND

It's time you all new the truth.
I've managed to recover some of his videos, as soon as I have them all I'll post them here.
Please, help. We started to avenge the death of another, I don't want to have to avenge his.

Did you get that?

QuickCapture Video - December 18, 2008, - j0v13r

my computer crashed.
i hate quickcapture.
and why is youtube time two hours behind my time??

Maggie the Lifesblood Labrat (A Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Parody) --lg15theresistancefan

An LG15 parody of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer...


You know Jonas and Daniel and Sarah and Reed;
You know Gina and Emma and Nadia and Bree,
but do you recall
the most wierd trait positive girl of all...
Maggie the LifesBlood Labrat
had some very special blood,
but even if you saw her, you would never know she does.
Then somehow LifesBlood found out, and wanted her to be their own
They never let poor Maggie, get away from them, oh no.
Then in May 2003, LifesBlood Came to say...
Maggie with your blood so nice, won't you be our slave for life.
Then LifesBlood Labs kidnapped her
As they shouted out with glee,
Maggie the LifesBlood Labrat you'll go down in history

that's pretty much it...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

BreeFM: The Holidays Are Yours

The Holidays are Yours!

At BreeFM we will begin our holiday playlist on December 21st.

We would love for community members to make sweepers for the holidays.

Example of a sweeper:
"Hi I'm (your nick here), wishing you and yours a (your word here) and (your word here) Holiday season! Happy Holidays from BreeFM"

OR Make something up of your own, and close it off with "Happy Holidays from BreeFM."

Simply record yourself saying your sweeper.
The format must be audio: .mp3, .wav, etc.
Send to: [email protected]

We will pop it in our playlist between songs so tune in and listen for you!

Happy Holidays from all of us at BreeFM!



Ep. 32: You Don't Know What I Know - With the Angels (WtA)

This is what Clay left me.

On This Day In LG15 History: Dec 18, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008

On Dec. 18, 2005, three years ago today, the first copies of "Lazy Sunday"most likely appeared on YouTube. The prior evening, in this Saturday Night Live skit, comedians Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg rapped about their plans to go see the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia." After getting millions of view on youtube and elsewhere, NBC (the network that airs SNL) demanded that the clips be taken down due to copyright infringement, which generated a lot of press. That press caused people like Creator Miles Beckett to take notice of the potential of YouTube, and is later cited by the Creators as one of the events that led to the creation of Lonelygirl15. Its hard to keep track, but Lazy Sunday is reported to have received untold millions of views online.

Lazy Sunday on Wikipedia

* * *

On Dec. 18, 2006, two years ago today, Bree posted the video "Bree Phone Home."

This was the first official lonelygirl15 video that Glenn Rubenstein wrote the script for (though Glenn's identity was not known until February 2007). The references to Cassie were a nod to Cassieiswatching and an attempt to calm the furor over "whatever happened to that girl Cassie." The video currently has 269,890 views on youtube.

Bree Phone Home on LGPedia
Watch Bree Phone Home on lg15.com
Original forum discussion thread

* * *

On Dec. 18, 2007, one year ago today, Daniel posted the video "Tired of B*tches."

In this vid, Daniel discusses his confusion over Sarah getting really into the hymn of one in the desert, and plays a snippet of a video from Mallory desparately trying to get Daniel back after cheating on him with Professor Del Mundo. It currently has 65,207 views on youtube. It was also the inspiration for my spoof performed by Betz28, Tired of Pl*tholes.

Tired of B*tches on LGPedia
Watch Tired of B*tches on lg15.com
Original forum discussion thread

* * *

OK, today is not over yet, but on Dec. 18, 2008, which is today, lg15 fan abandonskies23 posted a video commentary on the newly-announced LG15:The Show Is Yours.

Skylar does sarcasm.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

We have a new mash-up. This is a companion to a mash-up Glenn played last week. Debut:

The Psychedelic Furs vs The Killers - Pretty in Pink (Glenn: Brightside Remix)

On the Pretty in Pink sound track Glenn had never really paid attention to the lyrics. Glenn is never the person to say "what is that song about" and look it up on the internet. It was a HHW (Hugh, hummm, Whoa!.) moment when he realized what it was about. It makes the song tragic in a way...... it is deeper and darker.

This weeks mix-up is shorter.

00:46:16 Glenn - 12-17-08 - Live Mix-Up in Progress on BreeFM

"The Show Is Yours":
The comments on LG15 Today were interesting. It was certainly a surprise. "HHW (Hugh, hummm, Whoa!)". Glenn is curious as to what sort of situation led to this? Twenty six months ago in the wake of cassieiswatching there was a big thing on the discussions about how you could do your own story and make money off it. We were all excited. Since then many have done their own videos and told their own stories. The idea that Bree was a real person set the tone. There was lonesome october and CIW etc. It was a big idea and it excited a lot of people. Glenn had his own story with OpAphid. A lot of other people did their own thing. A lot of people looked at what happened with OpAphid as a model. You have had Maddision Atkins, Linc, Todd, LGS, immant etc. When you have no inside information it is very hard to do a story that can fit. Some were too vague, some were able to tell a story just aside of LG15.

Later on, after LG15, Glenn looked into the idea of an extended universe where other creators could share a universe and they could find a way to have cross overs.

LGS did his video for fun. There was a certain charm to it. You could say that anyone who tried to do their own series with this type of commitment is "insane" Nothing is guaranteed. The fact that CIW did so well made it all seem possible. It took a lot of time and energy to do it seriously but there was a potential of having a huge audience. The atmosphere seemed right.

When Glenn moved to the "other side" on LG15 the extended universe was something that really interested him. Not every series was going to be made canon but Glenn was impressed. What was the obligation of LG15 to the fans? What if LG15 reached out to LGS and had the bounty hunter appear in LGS videos but also have LGS play a limited role within an lonelygirl15 arc? Itscassie was another one that captured attention. What if LG15 rewarded them with better access and fed them small pieces of information to help their story?

There are of course legal questions regarding intellectual property rights. After OpAphid it seemed clear that no fan character would become canon again. Fan videos were still encouraged and there was talk about featuring them on LG15.com. People still worked hard and hoped that something would come of their fan creations. The rules however had changed and that led us to the TOS issues discussion. This was very different to what had originally been presented.

Where are we now? The shows viewership numbers and the web site traffic is not what it once was. The passion and drive is not what it once was. It would be one thing to feature fan videos on the site but what they propose here will not be easy for LG15. It is an interesting idea. Is it unrealistic to put in all this work and not get paid when you do not have total control? Will people submit stuff that will be good enough to be considered professional quality?

Consider Maddison Atkins: that was done by a professional in the industry. You have to put your life on hold to do this stuff. Professionals normally do not do things "on spec". You hope it is going to lead to something. You need both technical quality and story. Glenn was lucky because he never had to show the characters and that made it easier. You need great actors. That is live or die. You need the "perfect storm". If you are not getting enough views you are going to give up. You need encouragement either from LG15 or from an audience.

LG15 costs some money to produce. If costs more to produce today than back in the early days. If they are going to put their name on something it will need to meet a certain standard so they are expecting a lot from the selected fan. Are they offering enough to entice people to do something that is as good as they are expecting?

Fan expectations of having something come of their series has decreased over time. Today that has changed. If you do the pitch and the pilot and then you are not being paid you will probably crack under the pressure. If you have a nest egg to burn thru then it will make it easier but it still will not be easy. This is a huge undertaking in terms of time and commitment. If you do not have money you have to replace it with time. If you start spending your own money that would be strange.

Two years ago there were opportunities for this type of thing. That ship has sailed. Most contests have a prize like money or gear. In this case the prize is an opportunity for exposure. For LG15 it is a good deal if it works.

Why are they doing this? Is someone shooting a movie and not available? What makes this the best way to go? It will be a lot of work for LG15. They should have known how people would react. Many of the series producers have simply moved on because the opportunity was not there when they wanted it.

It is one thing to approach someone who is doing something awesome and make them an offer. If someone has had success with one approach it probably will be very difficult for others to follow that path. In life we can all talk our self into doing something that is not a good idea. You need to test it out to see if it makes sense. Everyone wants to believe that this is their break........ it is the American Dream. We all think we are special and that we are going to make it. Glenn compared it to Horatio Alger. Immigrants have a very different view of the American Dream which is based on much more functional requirements of life.

Why do success stories not work out very often? Because the only time you hear about them is when they actually work out. The rest of the time they did not work out and you do not hear about them. Come up with your own ideas that people have not done before. Take different elements and study why they worked for other people. Then put them together in a unique new way. Once you have your foot in the door you need to work really, really, really, hard. You need to market it well.

You are going to have to do something really good for this to work out given that it is going to be canon in the LG15 series. It is all just puzzling. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. How many people are prepared enough? Is this opportunity enticing enough to attract them? If your show is a huge hit then you should demand money.

There are proven ways of making your name by working for free and those are very different situations. Now with a very low budget Glenn could do something very good but you need a budget.
Glenn will be back in the New Year (Wed 7th January, 2009) because BreeFM has others things scheduled in Glenn's normal time slot.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


BRING BACK DANIEL!! - angelprincess6879

Bring Daniel Beast Back!!!!!!

MaxterBexter: Full Moon At Twilight In L.A.

Just another normal evening in Los Angeles

Music: "Walking on Air" by Kerli

Highway Robber - Part 1 - joshfialkov

Highway Robber - Part 1 - HIGH RES 16x9

Music & Video by Joshua Hale Fialkov

Also see Josh's Reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLdgKfQ4cp0

The Reel of Comic Book Creator, Writer, Director, and Producer Joshua Hale Fialkov.

Edited by Jerry Pyle

Featuring Art by:
Jeremy Haun
Rick Mays
Noel Tuazon
Micah Farritor
Kody Chamberlain
Scott A. Keating
Mark Dos Santos
Scott White
Christie Tseng

Cyblade and Alibi courtesy Top Cow Productions.

All Clips from LG15: The Resistance, Courtesy of Eqal

For more information visit www.thefialkov.com

With the Angels - EP 31 Traffic Flow

I finally saw the Venice Canals.

re: LG15: The Show is Yours - ApotheosisAZ

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hello. I am Rutka's first video diary (Rutearth29)

This new channel "Rutearth29" just subscribed to me on youtube, so I checked out their page, and saw this video. Includes sly references to lonelygirl15 and redearth88, and some of the tags relate to lonelyjew15. Thoughts?

Check our our new Message Board!!!


YES Camp Bloody Beach DOES have it's own web community now! Come check it out and interact with the cast and crew!

He's Gone. - DerrickDND

Account's deleted, He's been Gone too long. I've assumed the worst.
Trying to recover his videos,
Please help.

Special Assignment - TheFacil1ty

We have a special assignment just for you Agent 15....

The Real Story - TheFacil1ty

Annie has spent that last few years leading an organization known as the R.A.O. against an occult company known as the Order. Her main concern was protecting her younger sister Emma and she made a vow with Emmas adoptive brother Jonas that she would not let anything bad happen to them or Emma. After multiple betrayals from both parties TAAG and the R.A.O. both groups split up and Annie went on the run from the Order.
She was captured and prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for Emma, but was Rescued by Agent 10, a co-operations lead In The Facility. Agent 10 explained to Annie the danger and harm she had caused the community (lonefox101, Ethan, and Adam) by her inexperience and trust in people. At this point Annie faked her death and disappeared only to reemerge as Agent 15.

Each week she has a different mission from The Facility that will require the help of the community members, old friend and enemies.

All of this will lead into a final showdown between Facility agents and the Order in an attempt to bring down the now completed Hart Study.

You've Got to Support It (PaulMark18)

Paul of Paul&Andrea fame returns after a long hiatus (which he explains):

Hey everyone it's Paul! I know I don't update my show very much but....

Subscribe to LG15 on youtube

The show is yours:


Music Box - MessyNessy89

I've got a white magic eight ball
that always lies.
I shake it around
and ask if we'll be alright.
It says, "Not likely,"
but here that's a good sign.

.....And in the end, we will all go to a beautiful garden....

LG15: The Show is Yours - Submit Your Pilot!

Submit Your Social Show Pilot!

Do you think you have what it takes to make the next LG15 series? Here’s your chance! Submit your ORIGINAL LG15 PILOT and get the chance to see your show be the featured content on LG15.com.

The chosen video pilot may be turned into a full-length social show, which will be the featured content for eight (8) weeks beginning in February 2009.

The Pilot:

  • Your pilot must be derivative of the LG15 Universe by building upon the mythology of lonelygirl15, KateModern, and LG15: The Resistance. For more information on LG15, please read the LGPedia, the #1 resource on all things LG15.
  • The pilot can either be Episode One of your proposed show or a Pilot Presentation, which gives a general idea of the look and feel of the proposed show. It must be no more than 5 minutes in length.
  • All video submissions must also include an 8-week social show treatment that outlines your story, characters, and interactivity. Your treatment must incorporate all aspects of a social show. A social show is an experience on a website where a community participates in a specific entertainment property by viewing and discussing videos and other multimedia content, and by interacting with the characters through profile pages, commenting, and chat.
  • We will begin accepting videos on December 29, 2008. The deadline for submission is Monday, January 19, 2009 at 3:00 PM PST. The selected pilot will be announced on January 26, 2009.

If Chosen:

  • If your pilot is chosen to be the featured content on LG15.com, it will become part of the LG15 canon. You will be asked to assist in the creation of one piece of content each day, Monday through Friday. This will require at least 2 videos per week, plus additional content such as pictures, text blogs, and interactivity. Other members of the LG15 community and EQAL may also contribute to the creation of the featured content.
  • An EQAL producer may consult with you and your production team and review scripts and videos to ensure that your story is consistent with the LG15 Universe and uploaded in a timely manner for the benefit of the community.
  • EQAL may also create a custom show page for your show that will be a sub-domain of LG15.com (e.g. LG15.com/yourshow).
  • For more information about how your content will be used on LG15.com and by EQAL and others about your obligations and the rights you will grant without monetary consideration, please refer to our Terms of Use. Your submission of material further confirms your acceptance of the Terms of Use.

Good Luck! We look forward to watching everyone’s pilots and seeing what the LG15 Community will do with the Breeniverse.

Read and Respond to the Original InsideLG15 post

What is your favorite plothole??? (LIVE BLOG)

We have seen a lot of active discussion on whether or not Sarah is evil since the end of 12 in 12. In part that involved plotholes or flaws in the series and its mythology. Clearly the fans have an intimate knowledge of every detail about the show so for the next 24 hrs we would like to know what plotholes you think should be filled in the next chapter of LG15: The resistance. How should the LG15 characters be developed. What flaws in the mythology need to be fixed. Where would YOU take LG15: The Resistance? Leave your comments and discussion below so the writers know what you think.


Second part of the finale recap. LATE LATE LATE.

Can I trust my friends? (and a word to TAAG) - veelavaloom

So with everything that happened in the finale I began wondering:
Who can we trust?

Also, I have a message to everyone in TAAG (or who we presumed to be in TAAG). (Please note, for some reason when I use a silly voice it occasionally sounds really redneck. I apologize, I swear I'm educated).


Wow, I KNOW this is late. Late, late, late. But YouTube wouldn't let me upload yesterday. For those of you who just would like to hear your shoutouts, skip to part 2!!


Hey Sarah! - gablcjp

A note to Sarah

Then and Now - igotfeelings288

I miss her.

Sick and tired - bluepeep39 (RP07)

Another can't sleep video. Excuse the sniffles, I am sick.

I also saw that video made by "The Family". Cute. Real cute. Original, too.

EP 30: Girl Gone Wild - With the Angels

I don't know how to help her.

A Very Guild Christmas - The Guild

Season 2 - Christmas Special
Season 2 - Christmas Special

Happy Holidays from The Guild!

Season 1 Recap - Fallen Angel


Woot woot 12 in 12...did not suck so like suck on that.

Monday, December 15, 2008

LG15: The Show is Yours

From insideLG15:

"Hey Everyone,

Thanks so much for watching LG15: The Resistance, we’re thrilled that you enjoyed the show! We’ve talked a long time about increasing the prominence of community shows on LG15.com. We’ve read your comments, watched your videos, and asked ourselves the question, “What would you do?” What characters would you develop? What story would you tell? With this in mind, we’re excited to announce a new chapter in the ongoing LG15 Universe: The Show Is Yours. Now it’s your chance to have YOUR LG15 show featured on LG15.com! We know there are a lot of features you’d like to see on the site, including PMs, seeing unread threads, editing posts, quoting, and formatting and we’re going to roll out a variety of fixes and new features to the website in conjunction with the launch of the featured community show. Check here for more information soon. Thanks… and good luck with your submissions!

The LG15 Team

Update: We’ve been reading your comments and we’re psyched you liked LG15: The Resistance. Right now we’re focused on building out the community features on LG15.com so that it’s easier for you guys to tell your stories. We’re excited about a Season Two of LG15: TR and are working towards making that a reality. In the meantime, enjoy our attempt at putting control in your hands with LG15: The Show is Yours. All of the details for this next installment of the LG15 Universe will be posted here on InsideLG15 in the coming days.

Thanks! We’re so excited to see what you come up with. ?


Youtube Copyright Notice

From insideLG15:

December 15th, 2008
Hey Everyone,

A few weeks ago we heard that some of you were receiving copyright notices from YouTube. Obviously this bothered us very much because we LOVE and ENCOURAGE community videos that use our content. We spoke to YouTube and they assured us that they took off any restrictions for uploading videos containing our content. We have read on LG15Today that some people are still receiving notices. Please let us know in the comments if you are still having problems.

Thank you!


Lonefox101 Season 3:Chaos Echoes

Hey guys, awesome news! Lonefox101 Season 3:Chaos Echoes is coming soon! Be sure to subscribe to the youtube account: www.youtube.com/lonefox101
Further character account locations will be given soon.

Ep 29: Ghosts -- With the Angels (WtA)

There are ghosts everywhere, I guess.

Community Art by september2star

by september2star
Originally uploaded by lg15
See more on Flicrk

12 in 12 recap - michiev

The 12 in 12 recap, with MUSIC
clips: lg15 the resistance
music: within temptation - What Have You Done Now

Agent 15 - TheFacil1ty

I did it for the people I love
One day you will understand,
I will be your guide through out Project X

... Remember Trust No One

Sarah's Deception - 1789K

I own nothing that is shown or heard.

Music: Evanessence Away From Me

LG15: The Resistance Finale: BEAST IS BACK! & My Twisted Ankle - ajisaistar


And I twisted my ankle today. Yeah. XD I've actually been laughing at myself over this all day, though I have to walk with a limp now. Lmao.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Eqal scores with "Harper's Island."

Harper's Island Promo

"As an example of this, he mentioned a new EQAL online project that will accompany the CBS mid-season replacement series, "Harper's Island." "


Lonelygirl15 parody - Sugartalker

A video the Order never completed or released. It was meant to bring Bree and Daniel back to the Order.

This is a lonelygirl15 / danielbeast parody.

Lexi on MySpace Music!

"Lexie Dreyfus is all about making a statement. Born in Los Angeles and leading the life of an Army brat without either one of her parents ever being in the service has led her to embrace the one thing she could take anywhere: her music. One might say that music is in her blood. As a descendant of Hollywood greats and vaudeville stars, she began singing at the age of four. Her training led her to the prestigious Southern California Children’s Choir, and it was there that she had the opportunity to audition for her first Opera at the Orange County Performing Arts Theatre. She was cast and became a soloist, which led to many years of shows, operas and opportunities. It is her uncanny ability to connect with an audience that makes her so special This has been proven by her starring role on the hit series Lonelygirl15, and on the continuing series The Resistance, which has already garnered her the respect and attention of hundreds of thousands of fans who tune in to watch her. At the age of eighteen she decided that she wanted more than to perform someone else’s material: she wanted to enlighten the world with her thoughts and ideas. Armed with a guitar and her wealth of life experience, something special began. Years of hard work and soul searching helped her create a style that is brave and satisfying. Her eclectic range of inspirations span from Alanis Morissette to Jewel, from Tina Dico to Ani Di’franco. The result is a radio-friendly acoustic pop sound, both inspirational and relevant; music that the general public can relate to. She possess a charm, wit, and a sheer emotional outpour of honesty that shines through in every melody she sings: it seems that the more you listen to her voice, the more her music lures you…you feel she understands you. She wants to say something with her voice. In a generation where anyone can be a pretty face with the right makeup and sing well with the right sound engineer, Alexandra’s message to her listeners is that it’s ok to be yourself, even if you don’t know who that is. Her goal is to take a stand and show young women and men that they are wonderful smart amazing people whose feelings matter, and that as long as you believe in yourself no one can stop you. Alexandra is a fresh new face in a sea of redundancy, and her voice is prepared to make a statement. Listen and see what you can discover."

Songs Available for listening include "Fade Away", "Dear God", "One Year", "Porcelain", "What you Expect", and "Fighting for"

Lexi on MySpace Music
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Consider this my audition - TheFacil1ty
Welcome to our world

The Facility- TheFacil1ty
Welcome new recruits

A look back - Michiev

So i did some digging into the old videos from lonelygirl15, and im talking old. back when bree was still around and i analyzed everything sarah did or said up until this point (yeah i have no life, i know :D) but it all makes sense now. if anyone is still confused about sarah being evil the whole time.. check this out.


UPDATE: due to extensive arguing over the comments, ive made the post non-commentable
- michiev

UPDATE: people just need to talk it out with respect. We do not turn off comment on LG15 Today. ~mm

Season's Greetings! - ApotheosisAZ

A joint venture of Verdus Pharmaceuticals and ApotheosisAZ Escort Service & Bail Bonds.

s Smoking Cool? - Zarbod

Zarbod wonders why people think smoking is cool

Cry of Love - Peace Pipe

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