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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Join the N3ural N3t???

After the response video called "Join the N3ural N3t" (http://one.revver.com/watch/175740), modelmotion send an e-mail to to the address given in the video {[email protected]} asking what it was all about. After several e-mail exchanges mm received the following response by e-mail:

"The Neural Net is a support network made up of individuals dedicated to providing research and support to those fighting against the Order.

The success of our mission is dependent upon complete anonymity. To that end we are organized to operate in a system that parallels brain function. It is imperative that you refer to yourself only by your designation. No one can know your true identity.

Watch the signal from the Cortex for the research topic. The data you gather, called synapse will be sent to the Neurotransmitter in the form of spoken word saved to an audio file(zip or rar file.) If you are unable to send an audio file send the research in the body of an email and we will convert the text to synthesized speech. The synapse should contain no more then 2 sentences about the subject. Make them count. The Neurotransmitter will then prepare all synapse to be
presented in an Intelligence Video Package video for distribution.

Some topics will be time sensitive. Not all data will make the final Intelligence Video Package. If your research synapse is featured your prefix designation will change from Neuron (N) to Interneuron (IN). If you are featured 5 times your prefix designation will change from Interneuron (IN) to Motor Neuron (MN). If you are featured 10 times your prefix designation will change from Motor Neuron (MN) to Sensory Neuron (SN).

Network Coordinator'


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