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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Just a few things we've learned today

As the day progressed people figured out the chat on the lg15 site was up and running again in which case it became quickly filled. among the addicts miles one of the creators was in the room as well after he fixed a few bugs he actually began to chat with us! here's a few things we learned.

1. miles wants a dog.
2. He still loves his scrubs
3. Mile's father was a big money creator to the LG15 series, he also played a deacon in the human ransom video! ( As most people have called him the "ZZ Top " look alike.)
4. he won't tell us if the deacons are cannon or not along with a few other people.
5. He likes tachyon and thinks she is a cool character =D
6. He said meep.
7. The lg15 show will continue though the role of "Bree" won't always be there and her story will end the show will branch off into other shows so don't worry addicts! you'll still have something to watch even after bree is gone =D
8.He likes 80's rock
8. He said " Nikki is nikki" concerning nikki b

Tis all i could remember and think of ... hope you all like the newest info!


(just a quick edit/update! )
Miles also told us the lg15 crew only runs Bree's myspace the others are fan made myspaces. Owen, Danielbeast, and Jonas's myspaces aren't run by the creators.


  1. the myspace danielbeast page is run by hyemew. check out his lgpedia page for details on why/what he did.


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