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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nancy Drew, Where are You?

In the video "Jonas Sucks," Daniel opened a package with a hand printed card from Tachyon. The packaged contained five yellow spined Nancy Drew Books, and a hand printed card. The card said:
where it all started
the answer is before you
a subtle clue I Drew
(hard to read but probably xoxox),
It has been speculated (particularly by Marcus) that the 11 X's and 3 Y's refer to the hands of the clock on the cover of the first Nancy Drew Mystery #1,
"Secret of the Old Clock." The mantle clock on the cover was called the Crowley clock in the book, having belonged to Josiah Crowley.

Investigation by intrepid LG15 fans using Nancy Drew Mystery Series websites as a reference, has identified the five Nancy Drew books, with various levels of confidence (see below).
No. 7 "The Clue in the Diary" (certain)
No. 19 “The Quest of the Missing Map” (certain)
No. 10 “Password to Larkspur Lane” (confident)
No. 52 “The Secret of the Forgotton City” (certain)
Based on the cover art, the dark book at 1:11 on the left is:
No. 35
“The Haunted Showboat” (uncertain)
Alternate possibilities for the 5th book were:
No. 2
“The Hidden Staircase”
No. 46 “The Invisible Intruder”
And perhaps the correct book (identified in the forums)
No. 63
“The Twin Dilemma”

The hunt to decifer Tachyon's message has intensified with the arrival of a file shared with us by Daniel in post 31 on the "Men are from Mars" video. Daniel wrote:
Hey everyone,
I haven’t had much luck figuring out the password to open this.
I know it has something to do with the note Tachyon left and Nancy Drew… but it’s definitely complicated! Can you guys help me out? Here’s the file: tinyurl.com/33s4w2
The name of the file was in hex, and decoded to SEMIOTICS, which hints that perhaps the password has something to do with symbols. Who will crack Tachyon's code? Time, possibly 2:55, to be exact, will tell... (That's big hand on the 11, little hand near the 3)

Is it just me, or does "Nancy Drew" sound suspiciously like "Scoobie Doo?"

~ QtheC


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