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Thursday, March 29, 2007

☺ Bad Rap

Today in the comments section of lonelygirl15.com, lonelymom13 posted this original rap lyric:

The Order

The Order gets a bad rap.
Who's to say we’re pieces of crap?
Why are you always down on us?
No need to make such a fuss.

Pizza and ice cream is always free.
All we ask for is pain in the ass Bree.
Don’t be a hater,
Cause you can’t date her.

Come and party with Aunt Alex.
While her friend’s pickle is quite phallic,
You know you think she’s super hot.
Who cares she just may be a robot?

So forget your heart,
Here’s some spin art.
You know we’re really fun,
And it’s all only just begun.
Will any brave soul step forward to meet the challenge of performing this rap (song) in a video? Only time will tell, faithful readers.

~ QtheC


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