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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Lonelygirl15 Panel @ SXSW Film Festival

On Sunday, March 11 from 11:30 to 12:30 CST, Lonelygirl15 Creators will participate in a panel discussion at the the SXSW ("south by southwest") conference in Austin, Texas. This conference combines Interactive, Film, and Music where Interactive is a diverse collection of things like internet, video games, cell phone technology, etc. Film is a week of indie and other films, and Music is 1 million live bands, give or take.

The panel description:

Lonelygirl15: A Case Study

For months, thousands of people around the world were captivated by the daily video diary from an unknown teen-age girl. There was drama, romance, and comedy. But, in the early Fall of 2006, it was revealed that these video diaries were all a fabrication from the imagination of three artists. From obscurity to popularity on YouTube, the people behind LonelyGirl15 talk publicly for the first time, about their experiences with online filmmaking and the swirling questions of what's real and what's staged.

Moderator: David Hudson Editor, GreenCine

Greg Goodfried Producer, Lonelygirl15
David Hudson Editor, GreenCine
Miles Beckett Producer, Lonelygirl15
Mesh Flinders Producer, Lonelygirl15

Check out the SXSW website - there are lots of ways fans can interact with events online including RSS feeds and other stuff I don't really understand.

Music Fan?

One really cool thing if you are into music is the Player 0.7 button on the SXSW Music Homepage. Click for some streaming tunes - including some up and coming bands and stuff you are not going to find elsewhere. Try typing a letter or two in the "find bands" box, and tons of bands come up with songs to listen to and links to their websites - sweet! So much better than crappy radio stations.

Wow, I am having so much fun with this music player thing - if you find any cool bands on there you would like to recommend, post a comment on here! I'm digging Nicole Atkins & the Sea (alt Country) from Neptune NJ, Alabama Thunderpussy (metal) out of Richmond VA, and Buttercup (pop) out of San Antonio TX.

Okay, I had to add one more that is interesting, but I'm not sure yet if I actually like: Peter Adams and the Nocturnal Collective (rock) from Cincinnati OH ... the song Centamentalisque sounds more like a mini movie soundtrack than a regular song to me. I'm listening again, and starting to like it more...

~ QtheC

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  1. Hey I got grounded from the computer(I am at school)
    can someone do me a favor and those at the comments know.
    And keep this up. I can see vid discriptions here at school!


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