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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

☺ The Order's First Educational Product

In an effort to turn their creative efforts into a profit to fund future work, the Order has begun to test the market for a new educational toy designed specifically for homeschoolers. Deacon Bob replied to LG15 Today questions (submitted via an envelope inside a plastic sandwich baggy dropped outside a bowling alley), by saying (encoded in hexidecimal):

We here at the Order are proud to offer our internally developed and tested educational tools to a wider audience. This is just the beginning of what we call 'Product Placement' and what we hope will be a successful source of revenue going forward. We hope you will support our efforts by purchasing our products as we attempt to 'monetize' while avoiding calling too much attention to all the other services we freely provide to the community.

We ask your patience as we figure out how to accept and fulfill orders, without actually revealing who we are or where we are located. Ebay seems promising.

ED: LG15 Today can not endorse this product, for while we found it entertaining to wear blindfolds and stick push-pins into Greek letters, we think this activity might be a bit dangerous for young children. And it really doesn't make much sense to us anyway. But it's something to do while drinking beer. There's that.

~ QtheC


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