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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans watched as Daniel dealt with a very angry and very tied up Jonas. It also appears that rather than use p.monkey to play the good cop to her bad cop, Bree has enlisted Danielbeast instead.

Daniel: Come on, man, just... I'm trying to do it the easy way. Ok.
Jonas: This is not the easy way, man!
Daniel: This is the easier way, believe me.
Jonas: This is not the easy way!
Daniel: You gotta calm down. I don't want Bree to come in here, ok.

There were still no clues as to why Jonas would have an order symbol in his house...

Daniel: Why's it in your house?
Jonas: I don't know. Look, my parents did a lot of weird stuff. They always were traveling. They were always on their boat. They were always all over the world, and I didn't keep tabs, dude. But if my parents were in the Order, then wouldn't I have been raised like Bree? Don't you think I would have been raised like Bree? They let me do whatever I wanted. So, no, I don't think that-- this is fucking ridiculous, man! Just let me out, all right?

...and the "bro" time turned a bit nasty...

Jonas: You're a bitch.

Jonas thinks that Daniel is Bree's bitch? Surely not!

Fans can only hope that Tachyon will turn up soon to sort the whole nasty situation out before Bree starts to dance around Jonas to the tune of "Stuck in the middle"....


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