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Friday, March 9, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans were taken away from the Bree v Jonas saga and went to the beach with Danielbeast.

"I decided to get away from it all, get away from Bree and Jonas, and just come out here and...and just film. Just get back to my roots, you know?"

Funny thing is though, there was no actual footage of the beach for us to glimpse at DB's roots with..just a close up of the beast talking to camera.

Despite this lack of artistic viewpoint, Daniel did reveal quite a bit.

"Bree's been busy trying to get Jonas to forgive her, it's a, it's 24/7 entertainment. She tried to get me to talk to him for her, but...well, if you had free pay-per view, would you tell the cable company? Come on. I mean, really, she got herself into this mess, she can get herself out. I'm sure he'll forgive her...eventually."

Apart from the fireworks it seems Daniel has been enjoying the scenery in Jonas's aunt's house.

"There's all these amazing photographs on the walls, all over the house. I was sort of nosing around the den and I came across this photo journal thing. I gotta tell you, Jonas's aunt, she's a, she's kind of an interesting woman. She's not much older than us, either. Basically, when she was in high school, she did this semester at sea thing. That's where you sail around the world with just a bunch of kids. You learn how to tie knots and stuff. I don't know, I thought it was cool."

"If Jonas's aunt turns out to be a nice person, I might ask her to teach me some photography. She's got a sick camera. Maybe she'd let me take some pictures with her, or with it. It doesn't really hurt that she's kind of cute. Okay, really cute, all right, she's hot."

Danielbeast!!! You don't mean there could be more to life than Bree?


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