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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw Bree in training. OK so there was no actual footage of Bree's new kung-fu moves, but she let us know that Tachyon was teaching her how to be tough.

"Basically, I've been staying here for a few days and she's teaching me "how to be a badass." She started running me through some general conditioning. I'm not as good at it as she is, but...I'm getting better. To be honest with you this whole...ninja thing, I just don't think I'm cut out for it, you know? But don't tell Tachyon. (whispering) She'd be mad."

There was also a welcome return by a certain special guest star.

"So, I brought along an old friend. (Bree turns the camera to show that she is holding Purple Monkey.) I haven't really had much time to hang out with him lately, so, yeah. And to be honest, I think I'm a little old to be playing with stuffed toys. Sad but true. But, I'm bored, so, what are you gonna do?"

Oh no! Are Owen, Thor and P.monkey on their way to the unemployment line?

After a bit more merriment from a rather over excited Bree, she was able to calm herself down for long enough to refer to what Jonas had found in the office.

"I told Tachyon about what you found in your aunt's office. She told me something pretty interesting. I guess a few years back, there was an uprising against the Order, and a lot of people that were on the inside and some from the outside rebelled against it. The Order fought back and eventually crushed it. That's what all those mysterious deaths were about. I don't know if you find that useful, but I found it interesting."

Is the long awaited Bree V Gemma kick down around the corner? How is Aunt Alex coping with the eager Daniel? If she tells him she's not interested will he storm off to the nearest bowling alley again? Stay tuned...

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