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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw Daniel getting to know Aunt Alex.

Daniel: So Jonas's aunt, Alexandra, has.....

Alex: No it's Alex, Alexandra is too formal.

Daniel: Alex. Jonas's aunt, Alex, has asked me to help her do a marketing video explaining what she does in the fashion industry.

Alex then revealed something that may prove a problem if she is to star in a vlog based show;

Alex: I, um, whenever I do these things and I see my self on camera...I look ridiculous. And I hate my voice.

You better get used to it Alex!

Daniel: So tell us about a typical day in the life of Alex! "Fancy schmansy" Fashion Designer Alex.

Alex: I get up insanely early, go to my favorite coffee place, and order a "Depth Charge" which is an espresso and a big black coffee, and I usually finish drinking it before I get to my car. I get to work around, I dunno, 8:00. Wait for my hands to stop shaking and spend the rest of my day at the computer.

Sounds like a day in the life of an LG15 Today blogger!!!

Daniel then managed to drop himself in it again, no wonder he keeps getting picked up by pin-bowling cowboys...

Alex: I mean I still choose fabrics and select patterns, but I do all of my designing on the computer.

Daniel: (Fakes snore)

Alex: What? Like your life's so interesting.

Daniel: Well actually, we're on the run from.....

Alex: What?

Daniel: Nothing.

Alex: No, seriously. You're on the run from what?

Daniel: Uhhhh, the Order. It's complicated. Just whatever. Never mind.

Jonas then arrived to break up the happy scene (well "scenery" from Daniels point of view)

Daniel: (Softly) Player hater.

Jonas: Hm-hm. (Laughs)

Danielbeast thinks of himself as a player eh? Oh dear....

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