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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw Jonas, Daniel and Alex go to a party. Not exactly an exciting party though. In fact the whole event could be described as.... strange.

Daniel: So... uh... Jonas and I are at our very first fashion industry party. But it's weird... I dunno. They have a full bar kind of thing. But, I'm really not trying to drink anymore, 'cause of the whole... you know? (He turns to Jonas) I dunno man, what do you think?
Jonas: (raises a glass of wine) Eh...
Daniel: Uh... yeah.

The boys were clearly uncomfortable about being there and the guest were clearly uncomfortable about the boys.

(Camera pans to a man talking with thick dark blonde hair. Pan back to Jonas who appears to be staring at the man before looking at the camera. Pan to David, whispering in the ear of another woman before she rolls her eyes. He glances in another direction. Pan to Jonas who mouths help.)

There was then an argument between Alex and a man called David who clearly thought he was meant to be her date.

David: (Raised voice) I don't know why I'm invited here. He's 19 years old for Christ sake!
Alex: Will you keep it down maybe?
Alex: You know what, I... I--
(Throws wine in David's face and walks away)
Daniel: Are you ok?...Hey.
Daniel: Dude, this sucks. Take the camera, everybody freakin' hates me.

Poor Daniel then took a page out of his parents book for dealing with uncomfortable situations and started drinking. At the same time an aquatence of Jonas's approached.

Toby: It's good to see you.
Jonas: Yeah, you too. This is Toby. Toby, Daniel.
Toby: We've met.
Beth: Jonas, I'm Beth. Pleasure to meet you.
Toby: Oh! Actually, she's a reporter.
Jonas: Well it's nice to meet you, Beth.
Beth: It's nice to meet you too.
Daniel: I'll be back. (He walks over to Alex.)
Jonas: I saw this girl, she was posting videos, and my heart kinda went out to them. It's a long story. It's complicated.
Toby: Look, I'm gonna let you catch up with everybody. Really good to see you.
Jonas: Yeah. You too, man.

OK so Jonas has told a reporter about Bree, smart move? Probably not. And where has Toby met Daniel? At the party or somewhere else? (*Cue ominous music*)

Jonas could then only sit back and try not to be sick as Daniel and Alex started to get along famously.

Jonas: Dude, I'm really annoyed right now. He's totally hitting on my aunt. (The camera cuts away to Daniel and Alex, talking, dancing, and flirting.) I know they're just friends and all, but... that's my aunt, man, it's family! It's weird. And if they start hooking up it's going to be weird around the house. (The camera cuts back to Jonas.) And she's kinda like that too, actually. I was using her computer and she left this page open, it was some dating website. It said that she was into younger guys. I think I'm going to throw up.

Not that Jonas wasn't getting attention himself..

Carla: You're nineteen... So I'm going to give you my room key, I've got two room keys, and I don't want you to tell your aunt...

During this time a party guest said something that also sounded ominous...

Will: Hey Jonas, some guy is here looking for you.

Who was looking for Jonas?
Poor Danielbeast was now worse for wear and Jonas decided to get him home.

Jonas: Hey! Daniel! Ummm... I think we need to go.
Daniel: No, I'm good.
Alex: Why?
Jonas: I think, no, uh... none of that, please.
Alex: You don't need to go, why do you...
Jonas: Yeah... (He slaps Daniel on the face, gently.)

There was a confrontation with another guest.

Carl: Hey, hey, hey, what's up man? You all right?
Daniel: Yeah.
Carl: Okay, good.
Daniel: You alright?
Carl: Yeah, I'm great, I was just wondering, ummm... (the camera cuts away for a moment.)
Jonas: Bro, I think you've got some issues.
Carl: No, man, it's just--
(The camera cuts to Alex's face.)
Alex: All right, enough, enough.
Carl: Is that cool-
Jonas: No dude, listen to me.
Daniel: No, no, no-
Carl: It's fine, it's fine, it's fine, it's fine.
Alex: You guys should just go. Just go.
Daniel: What are you talking about?
Carl: Do you want to talk about something?
Alex: Jonas, I'll talk to you later!
Carl: Lets talk,no it's cool, it's cool.
Alex: (yelling) All right, enough, that's my nephew!
Jonas: Chill.
Daniel: We're leaving.
Jonas: Just chill.
Carl: Hey Daniel, it was good meeting you, though. Hey, hey Daniel, keep in touch alright.

So...did Carl want to punch Daniel or get him alone for pizza and ice cream?
Outside in the sober evening air the boys waited for a taxi.
Daniel was not making things easy for Jonas.

Daniel: You know, you know what’d be really cool? If things work out between her and me...
Jonas: Daniel... Daniel.
Daniel: Just, just let me finish! (looks at camera) If things worked out, I would be this fine young gentleman’s uncle.
Jonas: Oh my God, man. Get off my shoulder. If you hook up with my aunt, I will bury both of you.
Daniel: Think about it, think about it. It would be fun.

Uncle Beast? Poor Jonas...

Jonas: Dan... Daniel. I’m going to ask you something. Did you... did you make out with my aunt? Did you? Because that’s crossing the line.
Daniel: Oh look, there... there’s the cab.
Jonas: Daniel… Daniel. Look at me. Look! Daniel, right here! Daniel!
Daniel: (looking away) Yeah?
Jonas: Dude, did you? ‘Cause if you did...
Daniel: Did... what?
Jonas: I hate you.

So was that party more than it seemed? Some eagle eyed fans saw a picture in the house that looked a bit like Lucy. Stay tuned....


  1. Uncle Beast.......lol.......that was cute:)

  2. Nice job GF. Where are you getting all the extra's names like David, Carla, Will, and Carl?

  3. I now always check LGpedia to make sure I get the transcripts right QtheC. (Remember the time I quoted Daniel as saying the symbol was critical TO the order rather than being critical OF the Order, I dont want to make a mistake like that again LOL!)

    On the transcript and the production cast list, it lists the names of the characters and who played them.


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