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Friday, March 16, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw the party from Daniel's perspective. The video description read "The party the other night was soooo fun... but I thought Jonas's video was kinda... ummm... biased. I filmed a bunch of stuff that he edited out. Anyways, it's kinda random but hope you like it."

However the party really didn't seem to improve from what fans could see...maybe Daniel was being slightly biased himself? He would have had a good time watching paint dry if Alex was with him...

Daniel: I'm going to try and mingle, I'm gonna talk to these people, see what they're all doing, let's go.
(Daniel films some of the people in the room.)
Daniel: So you're uh... are you a rock star? Are you like a musician?
Musician: If you don't recognize me... But seriously, you don't know my stuff... (He shoos Daniel away.)
Daniel: I'm sorry, dude, all right. Well, cheers.

There had been some questions as to where Toby had met Daniel, (in the previous vlog when Jonas introduced him to Daniel Toby said "we've met" leading to speculation as to whether Toby was refering to meeting at the party or somewhere else.) It turned out the phrase was perfectly innocent as Toby had indeed just met Daniel at the party,

Toby: Hey Daniel.
Daniel: Hey, what's up? You're... you're...
Toby: I'm Toby.
Daniel: Toby. You're Jonas' cousin?
Toby: Yeah.
Daniel: Are you serious?
Toby: Yeah, you know, I haven't seen him since the funeral so, I just...
Daniel: Dude, you should talk to him!
Toby: Okay.
Daniel: You should.

Jonas continued to have a difficult time....

Jonas: (referring to Damien, who is wearing his jacket) He stole my jacket. I don't know what to do.
Damien: Well you can have it back if you want.
Jonas: Well, yeah. (Damien hands Jonas his jacket, but doesn't let go.)
Damien: You want it? It's like a tug of war, come on!

.... and Jonas's admirer clearly couldnt take a hint, although Daniel didn't help much!

Damien: So what are you doing here?
Jonas: Uhhh... nothing, really. Probably just going to leave...
Damien: Really? With who? (He nibbles suggestively on a cucumber (or something).)
Jonas: My friend... (Jonas attempts to escape.)
Daniel: No, Jonas, we can hang out for a bit.
Damien: (to Jonas) You smell nice.
Daniel: He's very stiff like that.
Jonas: Thank you, I really appreciate that.
Alex: Okay, that's enough.
Damien: I've had a little too much to drink! No, it's fun. You look, you look fabulous.
Alex: I know, honey.
Damien: Hey, what are you two up to? (He sort of growls at Alex)
Daniel: (micheviously, to Damien) Hey, where'd Jonas go?
Damien: That's a good question! Hey, I'll see you in a minute. (He leaves in search of Jonas.)

Daniel then managed to pick up a comment from one of the party guests that could be very important...

Carl: --party, so you could talk to Alex, so you could get in her nephew's file?

Daniel interupted whatever these two were talking about and recieved mixed feedback from them...

Daniel: Hey, what's up?
Sonya: (She notices Daniel.) Oh, hi! Hi, do you remember me? I'm, I'm Sonya, I'm Alex's friend. (She looks at Carl.) What? (She looks back at Daniel.) I've been wanting to talk to you, Andrea's told me so much about you.
Daniel: Yeah, I don't know what to do, I don't know anybody here.
Carl: So what's, what's your name?
Daniel: Daniel.
Carl: Daniel? Hey, I got a question, Dan.
Daniel: What's up, dude?
Carl: Do you, do you have a girlfriend or anything?
Daniel: Uhh...
Carl: I mean, can I go, can I go interrupt you talking to your girlfriend?
Daniel: What? Are you serious?
Sonya: Oh, don't worry about that!
Carl: We were just talking and...
Daniel: All right, all right.
Carl: No, no, no, no, it's cool. Just let me know someday when you have a girlfriend, I'll come up and talk to you, all right?
(The camera cuts away to a shot of Jonas, standing in a corner with a wine glass.)
Daniel: Dude, this sucks. Take the camera, everybody freakin' hates me.

What was Carl talking about? "So you could get into her nephew's file" Does Jonas have a file? If so, who's written it? Stay tuned.....


  1. At school,can not watch. WHY?!?!?!
    Sounds cool though

  2. When Carl asks about the "nephew's file," it sounds more like "nephew's phone number" to me (but it is unclear) ... and then he says something about "blah blah introduction" as Daniel begins to interrupt.

    Also, I agree Sonya probably says "Andrea's told me so much about you," but it could also be "Andrew."

  3. No, probably not "nephew's file," and definitely not "nephew's phone number." More likely, it's "get her nephew to leave."


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