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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw the Scoobies on the run - Vegas style!
The vlog started with the three friends in a hotel room trying to work out what there is for a dork (Bree) to do in the gambling central of the world.

Jonas: ...I wanna have a good time. What are we gonna, what are we gonna do seriously? Like I kinda... we're in Vegas, I don't wanna get too crazy but I want to do something.
Bree: Well I want to have fun but its the "City of sin" or whatever..and I dont want to sin.

Bree pointed something out about the Danielbeast.

Bree: I am going to figure out what there is to do when you are a dork in Vegas.
(to Daniel)I don't think you're a dork anymore - I'm kind of disappointed.
Daniel:I'm still dorky.
Jonas: What? Look at you man! That's pathetic! "I like dorks! You know what? I'm kind of dorky!"
(They all laugh)

Once outside Bree took us to a water show outside the Bellagio hotel.

Bree: This is pretty much my favourite hotel in Vegas so far..I wish that we could stay here (batting her eyelids)... Jonas?..I'm kidding. I like where we're staying, it's nice too.

As the water show started the boys showed up - clearly the worse for wear.

Bree: You smell like beer Daniel
Daniel: I dont smell like beer
Bree: I thought you weren't drinking anymore
Daniel: I dont

Poor Daniel, Vegas's 24 hour bars aren't exactly the best place for someone trying to give up the drink to hang out.

Jonas:I need some food
Daniel: I'm thirsty
Jonas: Will you carry me?
Bree: I will try

Jonas eagerly jumped on Bree's back... the fun however was short lived as suddenly the Scoobies were running for their lives. Not the best thing to do when you've had a few beers...

(Daniel holding the camera, running with Bree and Jonas running in front of him)
Daniel: My God they found us
(Daniel coughs and gags as he tries to keep up)

The three friends came to a stop behind a wall to catch their breath.

Daniel: (out of breath) I ..I think we ...think we...lost them I dont know.

Bree then said something rather worrying...

Bree: We cant post videos anymore guys this is how they found us.

How is a vlog show meant to continue without any videos? Stay tuned...


  1. lol, that the "worrying" thing is not that the Order found them, but that this might mean an interruption to our regular flow of videos! oh. no..... ;)

  2. I want to see P. Monkey get drunk and spill the beans......lol


  3. They will be posting priviate videos I assume


    It kinda suxs but hey, the necro voted.


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