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Friday, March 30, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 things got even more sinister. The Scoobies appear to be held hostage in a hotel room not dissimular to the one Bree and Jonas stayed in while on the road looking for Daniel and his cowboy friend. They are seen through the camera of their kidnapper and appear very drugged up (though there is no evidence of either ice cream or spin art anywhere). The kidnapper's voice is also very distorted so it is impossible to establish whether it is a man or a woman who has them hostage.

Voice: Hello, Bree. Are you ready to have a conversation with me?
Bree: Who are you... who are you?
Voice: We'll get to that later. I've been looking forward to talking to you for some time now, Bree.
(The camera cuts away to Daniel and Jonas passed out in a bathroom.)
Daniel: Jonas!
Jonas: I don't feel good.
Daniel: Me too!
Jonas: I don't feel so--
Daniel: Get up, man! Look at me.
Jonas: I can't feel my legs. I can't feel my heart.

Meanwhile Bree was being told: "There are a lot of people who care for you, Bree. People you've never met. Do you know that, Bree?"

(Cut to Jonas, now in the same chair.)
Voice: Jonas. Jonas. Look at me please. I'm going to ask you some questions, Jonas.
Jonas: 'Kay... Sweet...
Voice: Do you remember what happened to your parents? You do remember your parents, don't you?
Jonas: Yeah.
Voice: How did they die?
Jonas: I don't want to play anymore...

Allthough all three of the Scoobies are clearly out of it, Jonas seems the most drugged up..I believe this could be because he is a boxer and therefore would need to be even more sedated to stop him fighting.

(Cut back to Bree in the chair, rubbing her eyes and shifting uncomfortably.)
Bree: I'm tired.
Voice: It's not time to sleep now, Bree. I need you to listen to me.
Bree: Where's Daniel?
Voice: Safe. Now, I want to talk to you about the decisions you've been making. Okay? Are you ready to talk to me?
(Bree smiles weirdly at the camera, then nods.)

(Cut back to Jonas and Daniel in the bathroom.)
Daniel: (Pulling at Jonas' arm and shouting) Get up! Have you seen Bree?
Jonas: What... Who?
Daniel: Bree. Bree! Where is she? Have you seen her?
Jonas: I don't...
(Daniel screams in frustration.)

Then it was the beast's turn to get the third degree...

Voice: Hello, Daniel.
(Cut to Daniel, now sitting in the same chair as the others.)
Daniel: Who are you?
Voice: That's not important. What's important is that you listen to what I'm saying. Do you understand me, Daniel?
Daniel: Yes.
(Cut back to Jonas, now alone in the bathroom. He shifts positions in the bathtub multiple times, trying to get comfortable, before laying down on the edge of the tub and falling onto the floor.)
(Cut back to Bree in the chair, covering her face with her hands.)
Voice: I want you to listen to what I'm saying now, Bree. We want you to do the Ceremony. (The word Ceremony echoes eerily.)
(Cut back to Daniel)
Voice: We want you to go home, Daniel. That's right, home. (The word "home" echoes eerily.)
(Cut back to Bree)
Voice: We don't have much time. Do you know what's best for you now, Bree?
(Cut back to Daniel)
Voice: She is very safe and she doesn't need you anymore. Do you understand, Daniel? Now, Daniel, where are you going?
(Cut back to Jonas)
Voice: Look at me! This is no game, Jonas. You wouldn't want something like that to happen to your friend Bree, now, would you Jonas?
(Cut back to Daniel)
Voice: She wants you to know that she's grateful for what you've done for her, but it's time to go home now.
(Cut back to Bree)
Voice: Now, what are you going to do, Bree?
Bree: The Ceremony.

There is one thing that sticks out to this blogger... the kidnapper tells Bree that he / she has been looking forward to meeting her, but doesnt give the same greeting to Jonas or Daniel. Aunt Alex never met Bree...is she the one holding them?


  1. sinister, yep yep yep, i would say sinister

  2. I think we are seeing what Alex meant by "what will come after me" in her message to Jonas.


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