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Friday, March 16, 2007

☺ An Unwelcome Caller

4am after the party, at Alex's house

*ringgg ringgggggg ringgg ringgggggg*

Daniel *answers phone, very groggy* : Uhhhh, hello?

Carl (on phone, loudly and rapidly) : Hello, hello, hello, is this Daniel?

Daniel: huh?

Carl: Daniel. From the party right? Daniel, can I ask you a question? Daniel?

Daniel: Wha? It's like 4am, who is this?

Carl: It's fine, it's fine. It's okay, it's fine. It's...

Daniel: Who is this?

Carl: It's fine, don't worry, this is Carl, do you want to talk, Daniel? Do you? Do you? It's fine.

Daniel: Dude, what the hell? Don't call here....

Carl: No Daniel! It's okay! It's fine, it's fine, it's...

Daniel (hangs up phone) : Drugs.

4:17am, at Alex's house

*ringggg ringgggg ringggg ringgggg*

Alex (answers the phone, angry) : Yeah?

Carl (pretend female voice) : Is Danielbeast there?

Alex : Carl, I know this is you. Do not call back.

Carl (returns to normal over-caffeinated voice) : Wait! It's fine, It's...

Alex (hangs up phone, reaching across Daniel in bed) : I hate that guy.

Daniel (drunk, kisses Alex's cheek) : Call me Uncle.

4:20am, at Sonya's apartment

Carl (sighs, hangs up phone) : Damn. Stupid steak-knives.

Sonya : What's wrong Carl, no sale?

Carl (drinks long swig of Jolt cola) : I'm just not cut out for telemarketing.

Sonya : It's okay, I'm sure my relatives will buy another set...

~ QtheC


  1. I am so cracking up......lol....

    ...i think that was even funnier than the video..

  2. LMAO!!! QtheC you need to write sketches for Central Comedy or something, you are far too talented!

  3. Thanks, glad to get a laugh or two ... I think I'm cheating a bit in a way by using derivative humor ... I'm writing for characters created by someone else whose voices you have recently been listening to in the videos, so you can 'hear' their voices and timing/intonation more or less, in your head as you read it - then I twist it a little bit, adding things the original authors did not intend. hehe, that's what makes me chuckle ...

    I guess that's the basis for lots of political satire or other impressions comedians do, if you think about it.


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