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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Creators to spin off a new show called KateModern

"Debuting in July, "KateModern" tracks a teenage college student in London, chronicling her social life and "dark forces" that lurk in the background."


The Creators
Hey everyone,

Just want to let you in on the good news since the press is breaking today. We are launching an LG15 spinoff in the UK! We formed a partnership with Bebo (www.bebo.com) and in July we're launching a completely new storyline featuring new characters that live within the LG15 universe. Think Angel vs. Buffy. It should be a lot of fun, and because we have a budget in advance we're going to be able to do a ton of interactivity and ARGish things. We'll keep you posted as we make our way through the production process. Thanks!



Is KateModern going to be the end of LG15?

Definitely not the end of Lonelygirl15... just the beginning of even more. The show you all love will continue and will get even better since we will be hiring more writers and staff to improve the story and enhance the interactivity. Plus, we can get an even bigger audience with the exposure from the spinoff show KateModern.



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  1. Lonelygirl15 Creators Eye Show Buoyed by Product Placement

    The producers of the popular Net series Lonelygirl15 are spinning off a new show, which they hope to support through product placement deals. Debuting in July, "KateModern" tracks a teenage college student in London, chronicling her social life and "dark forces" that lurk in the background. Like Lonelygirl15, KateModern features interactive elements, allowing fans to post comments, help solve puzzles and upload video responses. The series will not include pre-roll video advertising, instead looking to product placements to weave brand into the plot. Lonelygirl15 last month ran its first product placement, including Hershey's Icebreaker's Sours Gum in an episode.


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