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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Follow The Drugs

Good evening fellow LG15 bloggers. I am currently in production on my latest report. I was inspired by Kanazaka's post on the Forum recently. He delineated a very interesting theory about drugs and it got me thinking! *wheels turning in Nikki's head* So, stay tuned and if all things go smoothly *crossing my fingers* you will have a new video very soon. I'll even give you a clue as to what you're in for - I actually investigated something!

Oh, and I very much enjoyed the song you posted recently. I want my Nikki B! Lovin' that song right now.

Stay tuned.



  1. Welcome aboard Nikki B! (I added links to your post)

  2. Ahhh Nikki, I am excited that a new video is on the way. We really really really need some good investigative work!!!!!

  3. Yai Nikki!!!!
    Welcome to the meep!!! Hope you like it here. Can't wait to read your artcile, see ya around!!!

  4. Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm working on uploading the video now.


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