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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Hymn of One

The Hymn of One and Scotland is likely to lead right back to Aleister Crowley .


The "Hymn of One" religion has started showing up on the internet, with references from the Lonelygirl15 comments section.

First, a poster named FIFALZ posted a comment with a link to a new MySpace page myspace.com/hymnofone with a wierd quotation in Enochian "Casarmi oali mapm sobam ag cormpo crpl, casarmg croodzi chis od vgeg, dst capimali chis capimaon: od lonshin chis ta lo cla.” which was translated (I don't know how) to say "Under whom place 9639 whom (none, no, no one) numbered but, who beginning are and strong, (who, which, that) successively are numbers of time and power are as the first 456." This comes from something Watching One and Dream found called the 4th call (see this comment by FIFALZ or this comment by Dream for the full text).

Then, a website, hymnofone.org,was found by Moondoogle that Shayna confirmed appears to be registered by the Creators of Lonelygirl15.


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