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Saturday, April 28, 2007


As a British based lonelygirl fan this blogger is really, really, REALLY excited that the shows spin-off will be based across the pond in London!

I asked Miles if he would mind telling me a little about how the new show is taking form. Obviously the plans are locked up tighter than three scoobies in a bunker, but here is what he was willing to tell me:

Have the actors already been cast?

Actors not cast yet, not sure when/where auditions will happen and not sure
whether we will have an “open” casting call

Will the vlog be based solely in London or will there be a crossover with
another location somewhere else?

London based, can’t say about other locations or whether it will crossover

Is KateModern going to be a solo project for Miles or are all the team involved?

All team involved in pre-production, I’m moving there to run the show
It’s gonna be very cool!

Stay tuned!


  1. Excellent article GF. I am glad you are really really really staying on top of this story!!!!!!!!!

  2. Maybe thats why LG15's been so slow lately...


  3. Congratulations in the scoop!!! Very nice job in getting the scoop!
    I have understood this has not been published anywhere but the Meep... What an honor!!!


  4. Yep, I asked Miles some questions and he very kindly said I could publish the answers he gave here on the blog!

  5. Good story, GF.

    Is LG15 Today being called "the Meep" ? lol. Maybe we should add that somewhere at the top.

  6. hmmmm,
    "All the News that's fit to Meep."
    "All the Meep that's fit to Print."


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