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Friday, April 27, 2007


Posted by True Free Will on mySpace.com

"Transmission 04 - 33 - C29 Faction: TFW Status: PRIVATE

Well, isn't TFW busy today! We are moving right along, finding out information about Hymn of One for Bree, and calling out suspicious individuals looking for Maddy.

A TFW Operative has just reported his findings in his investigation of "Melissa" who claims to be Maddy's friend. His transmission is as follows:

"I've just done some looking through Madison's friends list and this person doesn't appear. I have sense enough to think that if Madison wanted him or her to know where she's at that she herself would have let this person know.

I believe this person maybe be a "plant" by either OpAphid, the iPod Opera, or even HoO.""

1 comment:

  1. Melissa might be like I was up to a month ago and not have a myspace account...


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