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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Maddison Visitor?

A new video from an old OpAphid character, WarPyLol, arrived today. It appears someone has arrived at Maddison's home.
I Heard Pain, Odd Evil Fiction

The title anagrams to "Location Verified, D in APHID." D in APHID stands for Destroy. The description reads "War, sir, is raw" (a palindrome). The tags "PAID HIND" anagram to "D in APHID."

It didn't take long for this response video from dehteraew (We are the D) to arrive, seeming to oppose WarPyLol.
Intense Jihad, If Cubit Dipped

The title anagrams to "Subject Identified, P in APHID." P in APHID stands for Protect. The description decodes to read "Was it a rat I saw?" (another palindrome) and "not this one. you don't get this one." The tags "AND HI PIP" anagram to "P in APHID."

Some speculate these previous fanfics are joining up with or at least intersecting the Maddison Atkins story in some way.

LGPedia References:
Maddison Atkins
OpAphid and IPOD APHID

~ QtheC

1 comment:

  1. I thought Warpylol had been killed off after revealing Brothers location during the Gemma heist? He / she survived? Oh dear....


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