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Friday, April 27, 2007

Mi Escuela

Time to talk about school...not my favorite subject.


  1. ugh...I am so sick of Jules. She's awful! Take some acting classes, please! MaddyAtkins isn't much better, and soccerstar is almost as bad as jules. C'mon, creators! pick some people that are as good as BDJ, or finish off their storyline, first. I want some freaking resolution to this already, instead of just bringing up MORE questions and more random characters.

  2. Is "No tengo gusto" even correct?
    I've never heard it before...


  3. Gonzo-

    No, it's not correct. "No tengo gusto" literally translates to "I do not have pleasure," and it makes no sense. It should be "No me gusta la escuela."

  4. I'm sorry Creators but you can see her reading her lines, I'm really not impressed with this character or the actress who is playing her.

  5. GF, Yeah, I noticed that too - her eyes scanning as if she is reading cue cards. I really think the Jules character has little chance of being a long story arc, but it will be interesting to see what the Creators decide to do.

    I like the girl with the flower hat, but it's hard to imagine that any of the fan-based "new girls" are really ever going to be canon. Still, if they are having fun and telling some good stories, more power to them. I think this is the kind of fan interaction/involvement the Creators want to promote, and Jule's unpopularity right now kind of encourages the other "new girls" to show they can do better.

  6. I don't care if nobody likes me for saying it, but I DO hate her. She is terrible!!!!


  7. Liz is right, it should have been "No me gusta". But what she said it could also have meant: "I have no taste", wich is even worst.

    Trust me on this one, I'm from Argentina.

  8. I think this is what happens when you rely on online translators - they are very rough. You can be fairly confident you are close to something correct when it translates back and forth between two languages without changing.

    I tried a few tests on:

    It translates "I do not like my school" to "No tengo gusto de mi escuela" which it then translates back as "I do not have taste of my school." Excellent. This could be Jules' source.

    It translates "No tengo gusto" to "I do not have pleasure" which it then translates back as "No tengo placer" then to "I do not have to please" then to "No tuve que por favor" then to "I did not have please" then to "No tenía por favor" then to "It did not have please."

    So I conclude that Jules really meant to say, "It did not have please." ;)

    Happily, the translation tool does agree with the native speakers that "No me gusta la escuela" translates to "I do not like the school."

  9. My god she's awful. Truly painful to watch.


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