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Friday, April 27, 2007

Never attempt to look behind the curtain

For those of you playing the Maddison Atkins or any other ARG here is one important rule to consider.

"As a player in an ARG you should never attempt to look behind the curtain"

What does this mean? Well lets take OpAphid where we now know that Glenn was the puppet master (PM). Basically the PM is behind the curtain and the players should not attempt to identify or reveal the true identity of the PM.

So, in the context of Maddison Atkins its against the rules of the ARG to discuss who is or who is not the real person playing the puppet master.

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  1. MM... that is wonderful!

  2. I'm not playing the ARG, so I will speculate about Glen as much as I want.

  3. I would assume that anyone not playing the game is free to speculate:)

  4. Number 6 - Thou shalt not feed the Trolls

    That should be number 1 rule for the comment board.


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