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Saturday, April 7, 2007

News from Mexico!!! Ay caramba!!!!

¡¡¡¡Viva la Resistencia!!!!

La última vez que vimos a nuestros queridos amigos, ellos estaba en México.... ooops!... I think I have to write in English... ok.... my bad!


Ok.. last time we saw our beloved friends, they were in Mexico... and of course Daniel and Jonas were found on an alleyways drunk out of their brains... but hey! We have pics that show us how happy Daniel was and what a great time they had....

And also we had received pictures of the last sighting of Cassie, this was taken by the Security camera outside a shelter, where Cassie B+E to mess whit the LGpedia...

Wow! Looks she has been busy... Later report tells us that she has been lurkng around the areas way before that... Here's a picture taken 3 months ago...

What do you know? where could she be now????


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