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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Order

Thanks to Milowent.

Thanks to QtheC


  1. What I was elders at the top were you thought that it looks like sewer or something. Under where it says OTS it says "NOT watchers" and the next line is "what are they?" But "watchers" is the next bracnch over to the left under "elders". Also under the "Deacons" line the last line is "DO THEY KNOW?". The bottom circle that is labled "Flock"... the lines read "religious structure" then "They don't know ANYTHING!" And above "hymn of one it reads "aka" I hope this helps.

    cmtate on lg15.com boards

  2. I think we have better coverage of the whiteboard already in http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2007/04/whiteboard-reveals-all.html

  3. I think the previous analysis is more detailed.

    I just thought this graphic put it all together in one palce and pple were talkinig about it in comments.


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