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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Prom Queen video series began April 2

Further to the previous article here on LG15 Today, "Prom Queen: The Next Lonelygirl15?", the PQ series has begun. Links to the dedicated Promqueen website and to the myspace page Promqueen page on Myspace have been added to the right side of this blog in a new list called "Other Video Series." The videos seem to appear 1 day sooner on the Myspace page, but look a little better on the dedicated PQ website. There will be a total of 80 videos over what looks like an approximate 11-12 weeks leading up to a killer prom night.

In comparing this video series to Lonelygirl15, each character in the series also has their own MySpace page, so viewers can interact by joining as friends, and also the characters themselves are interacting through MySpace comments everyone else can read. For instance, a quick look today at (fictional character) Michele's comments reveals that (fictional character) Nikki's parents are out of town for 3 weeks, and she is ready to host a pool party. (fictional) Nolan's comments start with a few from other characters, but then he seems to have been hit by SPAM comments from someone advertising Adult Websites... something I seriously doubt the producers were looking for. In case you are confused, the fictional characters are all pictured here: http://www.promqueen.tv/characters with links to their MySpace pages.

On MySpace, you can see comments, but you cannot see member photos, videos, etc., So I assume a certain amount of content will not be accessible without creating a MySpace account. MySpace will be able to measure the effects of sponsoring this show in page views, comments, and friending of the characters.

In a comment on the previous LG15 Today article, Milowent tells us, "guys, we've started up a prom queen forum at anchor-cove for anyone interested. http://www.anchor-cove.net/ (click on forum)."

~ QtheC


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