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Friday, April 13, 2007

☺ Quentin Tarantino to Appear on Lonelygirl15?

Early rumors of a Lonelygirl15 "Guest Contributor" program appear to be confirmed in this exclusive LG15 Today Blogspot (LT) interview...

LT: Wow, this is really exciting! LG15 Today reporter QuinceTheCarpenter here, talking with the producers of Lonelygirl15, Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried, and none other than actor, writer, and film producer Quentin Tarantino ! Forgive me if I hyperventilate.
Miles: Don't worry, we are just as excited to be sitting here with Quentin as you are!
Greg: Absolutely! Amanda will be so jealous.
LT: Mr. Tarantino, is it true you are considering becoming a guest contributor to Lonelygirl15?
Quentin: Please, call me Quentin. And yes, it's too soon to announce anything specific, but we are definitely talking about hooking something up here.
Greg: But we can't confirm anything yet.
LT: Great! So, you would be Quentin The Contributor then, wouldn't you? Should I call you QtheC?
Quentin: Better stick with Quentin.
LT: Right. I loved you in Alias, by the way, and I love loved Pulp fiction, and I love love loved Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2 (uma Thurman is a goddess!), and I'm sure I will love Grindhouse as soon as I see it, and...
Miles: Lonelygirl15.
LT: Thanks. Yes. So, Quentin, (I can't believe I'm calling you by your first name!!!), tell us a little about your conversations with the producers of Lonelygirl15.
Quentin: Well, it's like this. I usually make about a $million or two for every 10 minutes of feature film I write, produce, and direct, so there were some practical issues.
LT: That obviously is not in the budget.
Quentin: Right, so I said, hey, just give me a new Lamborgini and we'll call it even.
LT: And?
Quentin: No go, they came back with an offer of a '79 Ford Pinto with four good tires. I liked the lime-green color and the rust spots were totally authentic - real vintage 70's y'know? You won't find that in Jay Leno's garage. Then they sweetened the pot by explaining I could place myself as a product. I thought, that's cool, so I took the deal.
LT: Sweet. So you will not only be contributing as an actor, writer, and director, you will actually place yourself as a product in the video?
Quentin: Well, we're still working on the details, but a "Tarantino a day keeps the Doctor Away," if you know what I mean.
LT: ?
Quentin: You'll see, it'll be fierce.
LT: Sounds great - I can't wait... and with the practical side settled, what can you tell us about the creative side?
Quentin: I can't say much, but we are talking about bringing in some new characters - TachAphid, Brachyon, and OhBrother...
Greg: Um, I think we better avoid any "Brothers" - just to be on the safe side.
Quentin: Yeah, we're still working on the names, we might go with 'OpOther' instead. But these cats are going to be badasses. I'm really jazzed about 'em.
LT: Sounds awesome! What else can you tell us?
Miles: That's a really great question, I was hoping you would ask that, because there are some things we would like to tell you about, like some upcoming website improvements, that we know our loyal fans are going to find very exciting, but right now, we can't say more...
Quentin: Brachyon is a hot chick with a shotgun instead of an arm, and if the girls like Jonas, wait until they check out OpOther's crazy green laser eyes...
Greg: The rest you will have to wait for.
LT: Dude, you just interrupted Quentin Tarantino.
Quentin: (laughing) I'm also psyched about some original music I'm working on for the show. Kind of a synthetic beat with some cool echo effects...
LT: Wow, I'm ready now! What else can you tell us?
Miles: Well, that's all we can share with you today, but thank you for your patience and we know you will really enjoy what we have coming!
Quentin: Yeah, it's going to rock. Lot's of blood, lot's of attitude. Sunglasses, hand grenades, submarines, maybe a little sex in a vintage diner during a gun battle...
Greg: Um, Quentin, we still need to talk about the sex. The nude scene might be a problem.
LT: Submarines?
Miles: So! Keep up the good work LG15 Today bloggers, we really appreciate your stories!
LT: Thanks so much for doing the interview guys! ...
Quentin: But I didn't tell them about the wild 'ceremony' and the exploding...
Miles: Greg, you didn't tell me you offered him my Pinto...
(guests exit rapidly)
LT: Reservoir Dogs! I forgot to mention Reservoir dogs ... I'm such an idiot!

~ QtheC


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