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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 things got...well, strange would be a good word....
There is no dialogue to this video again fans...the following description was posted on LGpedia from the main site.

As the video starts, we see Daniel, still on the bathroom floor. He wakes up, stands up, and notices the camera. After looking at it for a minute, he reaches up and apparently either blocks it or turns it off, because the screen shows only static. A siren then sounds, but when the camera comes back on, Daniel is gone.

The camera then cuts to shots, in "Order-vision", of a desert landscape with cactus. In the distance, there is a large white car. The camera continues to pan over the scenery, obviously searching for something. It then zooms in on a trail of footprints in the sand.

The camera spots Bree. The cameraman appears to start running at this point, chasing after her until she spots him and hides behind a plant. She moves on, though, and the cameraman continues to chase her until he finally catches up with her. Bree turns around and various crashing and thumping sounds and a cough are audible. The camera (and possibly the cameraman) falls to the ground and we hear feedback as the picture begins to fade in and out. A pair of unidentified legs (not Bree's) can be seen, and eventually the picture fades to blackness and the sound to static.

This blogger believes that as Brother is quite the hit man, this could be his feet we see at the end.

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