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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 it was Scoobie stakeout time!

Daniel explained to the fans that they had no recollection of their pizza and ice cream experience. "The last thing I remember, we were at this gas station, and the next thing we're running like hell through the desert, Bree's way off in the distance, we hear a gunshot, and Jonas and I hit the deck. Pretty sure it was a watcher that shot that crazy guy that grabbed us... I have no idea what happened, but we were gone for like three days. We spent the week wandering, staying in hotels... Bree didn't want to ever post a video again. Well, I'm sorry if we worried anybody out there, we just felt so helpless."

The Danielbeast revealed that he had done something either really clever or really stupid. "I decided to call Alex. I know, I know, that's crazy, huh? I was sick of running, I figured I'd just grab the bull by the horns, try talking to her about Jonas' parents, I told her about Vegas... it was weird. She sounded like she really wanted to say something to me, but she couldn't. She almost sounded like she was crying, and then she hung up the phone. She wouldn't answer after that, but I don't give up that easily. She's the only connection we have back to the Order and Jonas' parents, so, well, here we are, back at Alex's, waiting."

Was Alex crying because her nephew was kidnapped? Or that her Order friend was shot?

Well it seemed that Alex was off on Order business again because as the Scoobies pulled up, she came out of the house.

Daniel: I told you! There she is. I told you.
Bree: Where is she going?
Jonas: She looks like she's carrying... some stuff. Is that...?
Daniel: She looks like she's coming this way...
Jonas: Awww... shit. Get down. Get down, get down, Bree! Get down.
Daniel: Crap, she is coming this way.
Jonas: Shit.
Daniel: It's all good, she went the other way. Aw, I feel like a dork now.

Danielbeast feels like a dork? LOL I'm sure he's used to that feeling by now!

So the Scoobies followed Alex to a hotel garage...

Daniel: Well we are beat. Alex decided she'd had enough of driving for one night so... she stopped here. It's a fancy schmancy hotel.
Jonas: That, and Bree's been talking about using the ladies room for the last... I don't know, two hours?

(Must be all the juicy gum she's been eating lately)

Daniel: I don't, I don't think it's smart for us to actually stay in the same hotel.
Jonas: Why?
Daniel: Because, dude, it'd be safer to stay in the car.

Bree appeared to be already asleep in the relative comfort of the back seat which lead D&J to argue over their own sleeping arrangements.

Jonas: (referring to the steering wheel.) Looks like it's just, uh, you and me, honey. (He makes beeping and honking noises while pretending to press the horn.) I've slept with worse.
Daniel: Yeah, well, goodnight, and um, yeah, goodnight. (He lies back in the passenger seat.) Ahh... this is so comfortable without a steering wheel. Oohhh-oo-oh! ...haha. (Jonas glares.) Sorry.

(The camera cuts to Daniel, now the only one awake, with Jonas snoring beside him in the driver's seat and Bree, not clearly visible, in a sleeping bag in the backseat.)

Daniel: Oh my God, somebody shoot me please. This is ridiculous. Jonas is getting his revenge on me. He freakin' snores like a beast. And they call me DanielBeast. This is ridiculous. And on top of that, he mumbles just weird stuff while he sleeps. See, there he goes again.
Jonas: Hm... Buy it! No, I don't try to--
Daniel: Buy it... freakin'... shut up! Oh, God. But it's okay, I got it on tape. Sucka... this is blackmail. (He bugs his eyes out at the camera.)
Jonas: Umm... you... it's hot, so turn it off.

So does Alex know that the Scoobies are following her? Stay tuned....


  1. Poor Jonas (Jackson) is having nightmares about his struggle to follow directions to 'turn down the hotness' because it has been so distracting to the audience.


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