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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 the scoobies went down old Mexico way. (Please note that at the time of this bloggers post the LGpedia transcript was not up, please forgive any minor mistakes)

The three friends followed Alex's car south of the border until they arrived outside her holiday home.

Daniel: We followed Alex down here, she's been staying in that house over there. We're trying to figure out what to do, I mean we're not sure what she's doing but she's been hold up in there for a while. Other than that though, I kind of like Mexico. I mean its nice the people are cool, their very warm....
Jonas: (laughing) yeah.. you like Mexico because you can legally drink.
Daniel: Noooo... I like it because I like it..
Jonas: Congratulations!
Daniel: what do you mean congrat..
Jonas: Its 930 in the morning man, thats a feat thats a major feat
Daniel: whatever
Jonas : Mamasittas lock up your daughters ok coz Beast here is South of the border....not to put the ho in Mexico...
Bree: There's no "ho" in Mexico.
(Both boys look at her and then at each other)
Bree: Theres no "ho" in Mexico
(Daniel looks at the camera in a "Bree doesnt get what we are talking about" way)

Awww Bree! Bless your home - schooled innocence! Anyway the scene cuts to Daniel standing in the street.

Daniel: Wow big suprise. After talking all that trash Jonas decides to take Bree into town. Why? He thinks she should try a fish taco. What do I do though? Thats right I do something useful. I'm going to break into Alex's house. (laughs) Its all I know how to do I guess!

After much scaling of walls and sneaking around on balconies Daniel was able to film Alex on the phone. It is hard to work out everything she is saying but here are a few things this blogger picked up..

Alex: ...thats the problem... I do care because its a violation of free will and you know it.. I thought you weren't going to do anything.. because he's my nephew..

So Alex is clearly cross the scoobies had ice cream and spin art. Could she be a good guy after all? Stay tuned...

1 comment:

  1. Good work, GF, on the transcript. See also comment 101 :

    ridethecrackwave (send note) Says:
    April 4th, 2007 at 11:52 pm
    Okay, my final word on the words:

    “Yes, they called me….no, because…I do care because it’s a violation of free will and you know….I know my principals do you want me to recite them for you?….I didn’t know you were going to do anything…it’s horribly upsetting, allright…I don’t like lying it goes against…because he’s my nephew…okay.”


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