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Friday, April 6, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw Bree "tending and befriending".

Bree: So... I'm feeling... a little blue today. Daniel and Jonas went off to bars, and they invited me to go with them, but I just... I don't know, it's just not... you know, me. You probably think that I'm a total spaz or something, because, I mean, people come to Mexico to party, right? I guess that's just what they do. I saw this girl. She was about my age, and she was sitting on the beach with her friends, and I dunno, I guess it's Spring Break or something? It's not that... I want to be like them, it's just that... they seem like they don't have a care in the world, and all the things that people do that are my age, I usually think are really stupid. You know, and I'm sitting there and I'm thinking about my mom and my dad and the Order and Jonas's parents and I just... I felt really overwhelmed, and just literally got up and ran away.

Poor Bree. It's tough to party when you're on the run from the Order.

(Cut to Bree walking along a Mexican street.) So... we're all pretty stressed out right now. I mean, you saw Daniel's video, there's clearly more than meets the eye. I mean, I think that maybe Alex's relationship with the Order is more complicated than we thought. I just want to go in there and talk to her, but of course Daniel and Jonas think I am crazy.

If the Scoobies weren't eventually going to confront Alex then what are they doing in Mexico???

(Cut to Bree sitting) I read this article about how men and women deal with stress differently, and I wanted to understand why (loudly) I never agree with them. (normally) Until recently, the standard mechanism for with stress was very simple: you either choose to face something or you run from it. This is called "fight or flight". Well, move over fight or flight, there's a new paradigm in town. Turns out, all the research done establishing this fight or flight--get ready for it-- (loudly again) was done on men. (normally) Apparently, this is a trend. Bree to the scientific community: if you only do your research on men, you may have trouble getting accurate results on things such as... God, what's it called... (taps her head as though trying to remember) oh, pregnancy! (shrugs)

About 100 "The Order want Bree to get pregnant" theorists ears must have pricked up when Bree said the "P" word...

(Cut to Bree sitting by some flowers.) Turns out, when they actually did use women as test subjects, they reacted totally different to stress. (Bree cups her hand around her eye as though looking through a telescope or microscope and speaks in a weird "scientist" voice.) Whoa, what is that? (normally) That was strange. According to the article, when women are faced with a similarly stressful situation, they do something called "tend and befriend".

(Cut to Bree walking down a street toward Daniel and Jonas. The are slumped against a wall, obviously drunk, and Daniel is wearing a giant sombrero over his face.)
Bree: Wow... anybody else have deja vu?

You'd think the gang would have read the signs by now wouldn't you? Every time Beast gets drunk - something bad happens.

Bree: I'm tending. Don't fight it.
Jonas: Bar... bartending?
Bree: (speaking to Jonas) Let's start with you. Stand up. (Jonas moans as she pulls at his arm.) This is hard to do, holding a camera. You gotta help me, be a little more helpful. Careful, there's a car.
(Cut to Jonas, hugging a pole.)
Jonas: I love you, pole. (He kisses it. Bree giggles.)

Bree "tended" the boys by putting them into the boot of the SUV.

Bree: Are you okay, you okay?
Jonas: I'm good. (He starts to fall.)
Bree: Whoa! (She catches him, puts his arm over her shoulder and drags him to the SUV.)
Jonas: You're so strong...
Bree: I know, I am.
Jonas: Comin'?
Bree: Oh! (She lays him in the cargo area in the back of the SUV)
Jonas: Mmmmm.... goodnight!

Bree: Okay, come on, let's go.
Daniel: Uno mas.
Bree: I don't speak Spanish, neither does Jonas. (Daniel continues to mumble in Spanish.)
Bree: Ooh!
Daniel: Sorry...
Bree: It's okay. (She tries to take his sombrero.) Take this off. I'll hold it, I'll hold it, I'll put it in a safe place, I'll--
Daniel: Oh... my... front seat...
Bree: Yeah, you're gonna get the front seat if you just give me the hat.

Bree loaded the SUV with two very drunken boys and closed the door.

Bree: So, I think that's about all the tending I'm gonna do for one day. As for the befriending, well, that I'll have to start again tomorrow. (whispering) They're not gonna be happy when they wake up. (normally) You guys are on your own from here. You know what? I feel less stressed already. Thanks, science.

Is Bree going to confront Alex? Stay tuned...


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