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Monday, April 9, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw Jonas hug it out with Aunt Alex. In between a montage of the two of them working things through on the beach Jonas told us his story - (please note I transcribed this before the LGpedia version was up, please forgive any minor errors).

"Ok so I just had a little heart to heart with my aunt on the beach. I know... I know what you're thinking I'm not supposed to trust the bad guys..she's a bad guy, I'm not supposed to trust her. But it was either that or well you know Bree's preferred methods. (makes face at camera)

The thing is is that Alex is my dad's little sister... well technically half sister but, whatever. It all started when my grandfather got divorced and he married this much much younger woman. Alex's mom was..how do I phrase this delicately? Hmmm... a total wack job. Can I say that? Is that mean? But she was and she was one of these new aged fruity types and I remember she was talking about "Jonas! The free will of man and meridian lines" Meridian lines? Now thats like geography. I get that but I dont know what it has to do with the human soul. Anyway my dad said and thought that she was full of er... how do you say it in Spanish? Ca ca? When in Mexico...

So Alex and my dad they became pretty close because until she came around my dad never actually had a sister, she was just at our house constantly and did everything with us just like part of the family, she'd go sailing with us, I mean everything you name it she was there. I think it caused a little conflict with Alex's mom because she was... she was the jealous type I mean it got to the point when she wasn't even allowed to come over to our house anymore.

So when my parents started travelling a lot, uh we didnt actually see Alex that much anymore just holidays and Christmas. I remember one Christmas Alex's mom had had a little too much to drink and her and my dad kind of got into it. They started arguing and they said a bunch of things to each other a lot of weird stuff. Alex's mom started accusing my dad of just some wacked out crazy stuff. They were arguing about something about her religion. She was always very fanatical. It got heated and they both said some pretty awful things to each other. I'm sure that they would have apologised to each other because thats what families do, they fight and they make up but ummm... unfortunately they never got that chance, because later that February Alex's mom got hit by a drunk driver and she died en route to the hospital. Yep, your classic "how could there be a God when something like this happens" moment.

Theres more to this story. During my reconciliation with Alex out on the beach she gave me a little more information. Her moms religion? Same as Bree's moms religion, same thing. And after the car accident, the Order contacted Alex and they used.. they used her basically. They took advantaged of her grief and convinced her that my dad had something to do with her moms death. So Alex said that the Order would help her out once in a while they kind of hooked her up with a job in the fashion line, promotions the whole deal. I guess that when they found out that we were going her way - they called in some favours. They told her exactly what to say in that little speech she gave. I dont know if she even knew what she was doing she was just doing what they told her, she was pretty broken up, I mean she was visibly distraught and I dont think you can pretend...

Are my parents still alive ? I hope so. Alex thinks they are, she feels so bad about what happened, she said she will do anything she can to help us find out."

So Alex could be a good guy after all! QtheC will be stoked!

Stay tuned...


  1. My little plan is coming together... now if we can just get Bree and Aunt Alex into a Kung-Fu class!

  2. More important than whether Aunt Alex turns out to be more good or more evil is revelation that the women on her side of the family prefer older men. ;)

  3. I added a link for meridian. I am 99.9 percent sure this is the context in which it was used.


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