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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw Jonas cope with the "Uncle Beast" situation by taking Bree out around old Mexico. The vlog started with B&J watching Daniel and Alex saunter along the beach;

Jonas:Not two days we find out she's a good guy and he's all over her..
(Bree laughs) Boom! Its disgusting

Jonas: I'm not calling him uncle... I dont care if they have 50, 60 kids, I'm NOT calling him uncle!

Bree tried her best to allay Jonas's fears.

Bree: I'm sure that his intentions are honorably
Jonas: Are you kidding me? Honorable?
Bree: ..ish
Jonas: Theres nothing honorable going on over there.

So to stop Jonas being sick B&J hit the streets.

Jonas: So we left the (screws up face) lovebirds to their own devices..gross... and we decided to do a little exploring of the old mehico..
Bree: Yes stalking Alex and Daniel is not my idea of fun.

Not without anything to tie them up with anyway eh Bree?

Bree: You're paranoid just let whatever's going to happen, happen.
Jonas: Listen to you! When did you become the zen master?
Bree: Thats right..I found my inner peace (giggling)
Jonas: Yeah well I got one thing to say to you on that one, (speaks fake Spanish..."Spanglish")
Bree: (laughing) That is NOT Spanish!!
Jonas: Its Spanish, its a different dialect.

The next clip showed Bree in a very big sombrero. However she was not trying to copy Daniel's weird mating call. (aiaiaiaiaiai!)

Bree: OK. So in an effort to cheer up Jonas I have adorned some of the local garb and I'm now going to do a quick presentation of then and now... a compare and contrast of our quaint little town in Mehico.

This is where the first residents lived, they were they kumiai indians and they called this place their home.

These are some of todays residents (shots of students running around on the beach playing soccer)
I dont think they know what this place is called.

The Kumia were absorbed by the Spanish missionaries who came here in the 15th and 16 th centuries. They built many stone churches. The Franciscan monks who came to Rossarito Beach had a tremendous impact on the local indian culture.They forced them to wear clothes which they weren't accustomed to and also trade up their tribal rituals for solemn prayer.
As you can see ALOT has changed. I'm sure if you could ask the kumiai indians if they even envisioned their sleepy little quiet town turning into this, they'd reach for the tequila and tell you "Progress is progress". (shrugs)

This was followed by a montage of various shots around the town, including several drunk spring breakers.

Bree: What is it?
Jonas: I've just never seen you being sarcastic before thats all.
Bree: That wasnt sarcastic, I was being genuine.
Jonas: Give me that (takes camera)
Jonas: So what do you have against spring breakers? Come on honestly
Bree: Nothing
Jonas : (mockingly) nothing..say that with a straight face!I dare you...
(Bree get embarrassed and laughs)
Bree: Stop! Nothing!

I guess when you're home - schooled there is no such thing as Spring break.

Stay tuned...

1 comment:

  1. I was surprised to see all the Dos Equis product placement. ;)


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