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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw a twist in the tale.
The vlog began with the gang heading towards the beach.

Daniel: Bree, are you sure you don't want me to film? Anyways, so we're out here in lovely (with a Spanish accent) "Mexico". Why do I have to carry the...merse?
Jonas: Because you're the bi--
Alex: Because I said so. (laughter with Daniel and Alex)
Daniel: And Alex apparently says that this is the most wonderful beach in the world.
Alex: It's true!
Alex: First of all, the sand is never too hot. And the water's never too cold. There's shade, so you don't have to bring one of those disgusting tents.
Daniel: Redneck teepee! We sell those at Gas 'n Eats. My family definitely had some. Well, what else makes this the place to be?
Alex: I don't know, memories.
Daniel: Like who? You and family?

When it turned out Alex had been to the beach with an old flame the beast got a little green

Daniel: I am going home! I'm not even going down there.
Bree: Get over it, Daniel!
Daniel: Did you make out under that rock over there? (Daniel makes noise so he can't hear what Alex is saying.)
Alex: No! (Alex starts laughing at Daniel's behavior.)

After some lovely montage of the friends frolicking on the beach, they group headed back to the car. But things were about to get ugly..

Jonas: (picks up a small rock and holds it up to the camera) I'll throw it. (laughs) Let's go eat, I'm hungry!
Alex: Me too.
(Jonas opens the car door, and a black car is seen approaching from the background)
Bree: (from behind the camera) Oh my god...
(Jonas turns around to see the car, then turns back to Bree)
Jonas: Bree! Run! Run to the beach!

In the confrontation that followed Lucy could briefly be seen...

Daniel: (screaming at Alex) Did you set this up? Is this you? Did you do this?!
Alex: (screaming back) It was--
Jonas: You are unbelievable! You are un--you are unbelievable!
Alex: I don't have a choice!
Jonas: Who are you?!
Alex: (crying) I don't have a choice, alright?! I still have to do-- (Daniel holds her face) They're not here for you anyway, they're here for me, I have one more--

And then Jonas pulled a gun...

Jonas: Just stand there!
Daniel: Jesus Christ! What are you doing?
Jonas: Get away from me right now! Get away from me!
(Daniel holds up his hands in defense, but is overpowered by Jonas who is still screaming in his face and waving the gun)
Daniel: Get it away!
Jonas: Get away from me! (Alex is screaming, unintelligible)
Jonas: (to Alex) Go over there! Go with your people!
Alex: ---I can't leave yet!
Jonas: Shut up! I don't wanna hear it.
Alex: (calmed) They're here for me. They don't need you anymore, Bree. They have another girl!

The Order have another girl? Cassie, Maddison...the next runner up of American Idol?

Daniel: Get in the car! (Jonas goes around to the driver's side, still pointing the gun at the black car) Let's go. Dude, put the gun down! Let's just go. (Jonas gets in the car, Daniel starts yelling again) What the hell is going on?! Where'd you even get that thing?
Jonas: (mumbles) Nevermind.
Daniel: (still shouting) What do you mean, nevermind?! We're in Mexico and you have a gun!
Jonas: (calm) It's a good thing I had it.

So what now for the Scoobies and Aunt Alex? Is she really a bad guy or is she protecting them? Stay tuned...

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