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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 the Scoobies went underground. The vlog started with Jonas explaining his actions.

Jonas: 'Kay, so we're, uh, on our way back from Mexico. About the gun, um, it was the dumbest thing that I ever... (shakes head.) I acted imbalanced, you know. (Mumbles, then sighs and runs his hand through his hair.) Anyway, um, where did the gun come from? Uh... I stashed it under my seat, on the passenger side, when that watcher came to my house that day. It was my Dad's and, I don't know, it just made me feel safer to have it. I guess, in retrospect, not such a good idea. I watched the video and I don't even remember it, but I was... I was waving the gun at everyone. At Daniel. At Bree. I mean if I were... if I were to hurt one of them, I don't, I don't know what I would do. And I'm pissed. Pissed at Alex. I don't call her Aunt Alex. She's not Aunt Alex anymore. She's just Alex to me. And what she did was inexcusable and unforgivable. I mean I don't, I don't give a damn what the Order wants her to do or what they need from her. I don't care, I don't care anymore. You know, she lied to my face! Twice!

Daniel and Bree had gone to buy provisions...but Daniel's provisions were of a slightly personal nature.

Jonas: So, uh, how's it hanging, tiger?
Daniel: (Raises eyebrows and looks away out of the window.)
Jonas: Sweet! Long and to the left? That's good, that's healthy. That's healthy, I hear. So, um, what d'you get in the store?
Daniel: (Looking out the window and very uninterested in having a conversation) Lunch.
(Camera zooms in on a bottle wrapped up in brown paper on the back seat.)
Jonas: Lunch, nice. What kinda lunch?
(Camera moves back to uninterested Daniel.)
Jonas: A liquid lunch, there?
Daniel: (Raises eyebrows again and looks out of the window refusing to answer Jonas.)

Bree then revealed where they were heading..

Bree: So, we're headed to a bomb shelter. We're defending ourselves against those ICBMs.
Jonas: Really it's... it's not a bomb shelter, it's a bunker... but, you know..
Bree: Whatever! But seriously... this bunker, Jonas found whilst sifting through some of his parents' papers at that old cabin. Apparently, it's some kind of safe-house that the Resistance used to use. So... we shall see. (Forcefully) And it better have running water! (Looks at Jonas, who looks back silently and meekly.)

At the bunker the Scoobies were greeted by dust and some interesting resistance notes.

Jonas: It's, uh, really dirty. (Holds up dirty cloth for the camera.)
Bree: That is gross. Yeah.
(Cut to an office area of the bunker lit by a single lamp. There is a desk with a computer monitor, a telephone, a typewriter and other miscellaneous objects. There is a whiteboard on the wall with writing on it.)
Daniel: Look at this.
Bree: What is all this stuff?
Jonas: (Looking at a piece of paper) I don't know. It's a map.
Bree: (Referring to some photographic slides, one of which Daniel is holding up to the light) What are those?
Jonas: (Off camera) Might be Europe somewhere?
Daniel: These?
(Camera zooms in on the photographic slides.)
Bree: (Off camera) Yeah, what are they?
(Camera moves on to Jonas reading the whiteboard.)
Daniel: (Off camera) It's a lot of this one girl.
Jonas: I don't know.
Daniel: (Off camera) I wonder if I can get this to work.
Bree: (Off camera) "OTS".

The bunker has an office area where there is a whiteboard. The previous occupants, presumably members of the Resistance, have left some notes on this whiteboard regarding the Order and the ceremony which can be seen during the video. The term "OTS" stands for Officers' Training School which usually refers to the Air Force. This might explain that the helicopters might in fact work for The Resistance, not the Order.

So how will B&J hold up in a bunker with a drunken beast? Stay tuned...


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