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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw Jonas look after Daniel.

Jonas: (yawning) So it's morning, and uh... (normally) Sorry. And I'm worried about Daniel. 'Cause uh...
Daniel: (lying in bed and mumbling sleepily) Shut up, I'm sleeping.
Jonas: See what I'm talking about? He hasn't done anything useful since we got here, and all he does is sleep all day, and then at night he reads comic books, and, uh, drinks. A lot. So let's go get him. (Jonas walks over to Daniel, still in bed.) Beast! Daniel, wake up!
Daniel: No...
Jonas: I know that I heard you, so you're up, you're awake, come on, let's, we're going for a run.

So Jonas couldnt get Daniel out of bed...he went for a run anyway.

Jonas: Nothing like this, you know? Fill your lungs with that air? (takes a deep breath) Ahh! Look at that. (Jonas pans around to show the mountains.) It's awesome. Okay, so you're probably wondering why I'm always so chipper and upbeat, like maybe it's... fake. Well, the truth is, it is. (scoffs) Kind of. It's an act, a little bit. But not really. The thing is is that you can't, you can't choose what life throws at you. You can only choose how, how you react to the things that are happening to you, and I mean I'm not happy about my aunt, I'm not happy about my parents. I'm not happy about a lot of things, but, you know, I, I get up in the morning and I go run, and I face the day, and I face my problems, and I try to make the best out of them. And Daniel, well, he chooses to sleep... and drink. But you know, I, I know he hasn't always been like that, and I'm not giving up on him. I just think he needs help. I know he'll get back to his old form, eventually. 'Till then, I'm going to go enjoy the rest of this day. Later.

Aw thats the spirit Jonas! When the Order get you down, go running!

Stay tuned...


  1. So, now Jonas is the show philosopher and Daniel is the show drunk. What does that leave for Bree?

  2. Anything but the show whore, I hope. I've been reading the clues from the "cassieiswatching" videos, TALK ABOUT CREEPY.


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