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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw the beast and Jonas try to de-brainwash themselves. (Is de-brainwashed even a word? If not, this blogger claims it!)

Jonas: Alright (Clears throat), welcome to my great experiment. (Makes a noise that sounds like "Wa-na-na-nerr") Let me explain how this works before you turn the camera away.
Daniel: You mean how it doesn't work, definately.
Jonas: Dude, so how this works is that... I figure that in order to figure out what we need to remember in Vegas, we should recreate the whole thing. Kind of like when you lose your car keys, and you retrace your steps. Same principle.
Daniel: But with backdrops.
Jonas: Yeah. So anyways, we've done our best to recreate what it was like in that motel room.
Daniel: You sure you don't.... there is no way you're going to fall asleep.
(Jonas shuts one eye and positions himself in the bathtub.)
Jonas: I think it was like this. I think this is how I was... ow. Kind of a good night.

These two have obviously never stayed at a Travel Inn, the bath is luxurious compared to their beds!

(Cuts to Daniel lying on a bed)
Daniel: So this is a horrible idea in the history of horrible ideas. But we have no other choice. We're out of ideas. So... what the heck. If nothing else, I can sleep a little bit.
(Musical montage of Daniel attempting to fall asleep while "Mary Has a Little Lamb" plays in the background.)
Jonas: Hey dude.
Daniel: Whaa?
Jonas: Wake up.
(Jonas whistles and turns a light on. Daniel rubs his eyes.)
Jonas: Rise and shine. So uh, I hit my head on the nozzle, and I can't remember anything. I'm kinda done with this experiment. How about you?
Daniel: I, uh, had a nice little nap. Some nice dreams... I think I'm gonna keep on experimenting, to be honest with you. (He rolls over) Get the lights, will you?
Jonas: Yeah, alright. I'm gonna go try to make some.

I bet Daniel was dreaming of Alex! ;)

Will there be a breakthrough? Will the scoobies ever get out of the bunker? Stay tuned...

1 comment:

  1. I bet Daniel was dreaming of Alex! ;)

    - i did not think of that........but the music sure was cute:)


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