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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Accusations of Gamejacking?

Since there are accusations of gamejacking floating around LG15.com, lets make it clear that ANYTIME an anonymous person or group invites you to go to a "Seminar" or any other event its wise to proceed with CAUTION. The fact that a specific address was given makes this even more the case. The fact that you are being invited by a group thats done what they have to Bree should be warning enough.

Since they Creators have not yet made a statement on this we agree with the need to be cautious EVEN if this is not gamejacking. Its a DANGEROUS WORLD out there so be careful!


  1. Thank you for this comment. I never doubted sense of responsibility of this blog.

    This post only confirms it.

    Thank you again.


  2. You are wise to try. Look at what is being reported here:

    A puzzle is posted on the server at LG15, an "audition." This is a site where people of any age group can sign up.

    Then this e-mail shows up, suggesting that some of them should go to an address in California. Only the first 35 who show up with invitations will be allowed?

    The Creators of LG15 are not stupid. If they actually did such a thing, they would be demonized in the press, and then hounded out of the entertainment business.

  3. So are you guys saying that this might actually be a fake? I did get the email in my gmail account... and it comes from the HoO account...


  4. The Forum Administrator at LG15 has confirmed that this is an actual event.

    I apologize for suggesting that it could be a gamejack.

    My only concern was the safety of people who would show up to this event. Now that it is confirmed to be genuine, I see that my concern was unwarranted.


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