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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bree gets some advice from Voyboy!

voyboy wrote:
...I'm not going to bark at you guys about taking Julie cause enough of the forum is doing that already. You know you're in deep if you don't make this right. You guys must make this right.

You need to make her watch all of the videos. ALL OF THEM. From start to finish. Lucy is seen, youre parents being taken away, and as hard as it may be for you to watch, youre father is seen being shot to death by The Order. It's all on video Bree. After all what purpose was it to record all of these unbelievable events other than proof?

You can tell her your story all you want. But I think she has to see it to believe it.



Thanks Voyboy. There's already been enough yelling and second guessing from us. She needs to realize that we're SAVING her. The Order has killed to get me to do the ceremony ... why would they stop now?

I think showing Julia the vids is a great idea! That way, if she doesn't listen to me, maybe she'll believe what she sees.


  1. I have a feeling she didn't follow through with my advice.

  2. U think?

    Well at least you got her attention. Please help her!!!!!!!!


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