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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

FADE TO RED? Jeromy talks out....

Last night Jeromy continuted his OOG discussion with Maddison Atkins fans in his final chat before he returns behind he curtain.

Heere are a few highlights from the chat (the conversation has been edited to try and reflect was was being said):

Jeromy: Somebody ask why we faded to red in the last video

junkforfashion: weeeeeeell... the fake blood we mixed up didn't look so hot

Jeromy: it looked purple - so I had to work with it

junkforfashion: we had a limited (as in none) budget, and very little time so it was corn syrup and food coloring etc...

junkforfashion: i did make the blood. it looked great when i made a small amount, but when i tried to do it in bulk... meh

Did one need to understand music structure to solve the puzzles in the arg?

Jeromy: no

Jeromy: this actually leads to a good point

Jeromy: There were no clues in the Maddy videos

Jeromy: did anyone else notice that?

Jeromy: except for the clues Mr.Zipp gave

JenniPowell: yeah, the vids were mostly summaries

Jeromy: But I had 5 drops planned

marlasinger: Jer - did you enjoy watching our reactions in chat after major things occurred?

Jeromy: The story just happened slower

Jeromy: YES!!! Marla - I loved watching the audience as much as the audience probably liked the show

TheeBerean: Jeromy - what do you think slowed the pace of the story to only allow 3 drops?

Jeromy: The first delay was TWO BAGS

Jeromy: The second and third delays were finding people for the KC and the boston drop

TheeBerean: Jeromy -- do we need to be familiar with the LG15 storyline to understand the puzlles like Mr. Zipp or is it stand-alone?

Jeromy: Can't say TheeBerean

Jeromy: either way I give stuff away

JenniPowell: will there be opportunties for players to work their way into the storyline?

Jeromy: sure - I'm open to that

Why did you come out of the curtain

Jeromy: I came out because I felt I needed to

Jeromy: I felt that the attachment to maddison was too much

Jeromy: and I wanted to "break the 4th wall" so to speak

Jeromy: So I did

Jeromy: I also felt like it was a harsh ending to the chapter, and I wanted to be there for questions

Jeromy: and the puzzle you should focus on?

Jeromy: hmmmmm

Jeromy: The letter from Mr.Zipp - the 2nd one - will probably get you the most headway

Jeromy: The note on the doorknob

Jeromy: But I've said too much

Jeromy: I apologize

Jeromy: We are done

Jeromy: I'm really going away from signing in and such after tonight or tomorrow - because I'm going to announce the DVD and CD tomorrow

NOTE: On behalf of everyone who played the game I think we would all like to thank Jeromy for giving us so much both IG and OOG, and being such a professional as well as a wonderful story teller. This has been such an amazing experience for everyone involved and we hope its only Chapter 1.


  1. Thanks for the summary info., Modelmotion - some interesting bits and pieces.

  2. Yea, Jeromy has been great at both sharing information and interacting with Maddy fans.

  3. Classic screen shot from MA 1.0


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