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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Father's Day Collage / Gemma & Purple Monkey Connections?

In Open The Box Daniel shows us what appears to be a Father's Day collage of pictures of Bree ... left in the box from Bree's Dad. So is this just a memento, or does it have more meaning?

Some of Bree's poses look a bit like some of Gemma's poses from Don't Trust The Authorities and An Awkward Silence. We know Gemma and Bree learned these poses to help them memorize "APHID" as kids in South Africa. According to LGPedia, the actual meanings of the letters in APHID are Analyze, Protect, Hinder, Infiltrate, and Destroy.

Father's Day falls on the 3rd Sunday of June, which was 6/18/2006, the date Bree posted her Purple Monkey video.

The next Father's Day will be 6/17/2007, something to keep in mind as that date approaches. Is this how long Bree's Dad intended her to stay hidden from the Order?

~ QtheC


  1. Looked like sign language to me....nice work!!!!

  2. Wow, great work once again!!!! I love this blog!

    And yet another possible reference to Opaphid. Could we see a return? I sure hope so!!!!

  3. LG15 blogspot will rock you!

  4. That totally makes sense! Wow, I am too amazed for words, haha.


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