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Thursday, May 31, 2007


One attendee says:

Posted: Thu May 31, 2007 9:11 pm

I went. There were about 10 of us.

All I can say is that The Hymn of One is Fun!!!!

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about it. I didn't really read the thing they had us sign.... maybe I should have done that lol.

Some bald guy was there filming the part where we met at the tennis court but I don't know if it was a fan or one of the creators.

Anyway I don’t want to say too much (I may already have) because I don’t want to affect my chances of getting picked.

This is what I get for using the same name for everything I can easily be traced lol.

BTW the reason I got on so late is because I went hiking afterwards I figured someone else would have posted something on here immediately sorry guys.

....and then says (re: "They gave us something to sign.")
They said it was in case they wanted to use it for educational purposes. The Hymn of One filmed the seminar. I’m pretty sure it was just a model release form but it might have also said something about not talking about it. Like I said I should have actually read it. Or at least skimmed….

...and then... (re: "Getting picked for what?")
Gah I'm not sure how much I should say! If I ruin my chances I'm blaming all of you guy and your thirst for information.!!!!!

Hold on I left the stuff they gave us in the car I’m going to go re read everything to see if it says not to say.

But if anyone else who went and is reading wants to back my up I’m the girl with the blue hair.

...and then...
she said that she waited in her car until she met a guy at the fence at 12:00. he gave her a pamplet and and an invitation to a hotel. She went there and there were 2 actors who told her about how they found their song.
But what basically happened is that I waited in my car at the park till 12:00 and went up to this guy in a suit and me asked me if I was ready to join the hymn of one and then gave me an invitation with directions to the seminar at a hotel and it said to be there at 1:00 and not to be early. There was a blonde guy in glasses and another guy in his 30's that were there right at noon. The blonde guy knew the bald guy who was filming, I think, since they were talking.

At the seminar Carl and a red headed girl (I can’t remember her name) lead the discussion and there were two actors in the room already who were supposed to be members of the hymn of one and told us about there experience with finding there song. They also gave us cookies.

I'm not posting in character I just don't want to ruin things...
The fact that no one else has said anything worries me that I'm not supposed to.
ED NOTES: This last quotation was copied from secondary sources in chat. The original post was changed to "Sorry guys" shortly after it appeared on the forums. Carl's girlfriend from the Order fashion-industry party with Alex was Sonya.


  1. At the request of several people in #HymnOfOne chat session, I removed the name of the person who provided the quotations in this article.

  2. Finally some information abou the Seminar!!!

  3. Nice work Q...looks greeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaat.

  4. kelseygirl15 and S.A.R.A.H. and MayhemII contributed as did a few others in the #HymnOfOne chat (sorry to those I missed)

  5. THis whole thing is far too creepy. If its all just a game...why not let everyone know what happened? I mean the only reason they limited was for safety right? so whats the point of keeping it all quite now? And are these ten ppl competing for something?
    I don't like this.

  6. I reckon the ones that pass the audition get a part in up coming vlogs. An extremely cheap way of not having to hire actors, get fans involved instead! It would be good for fan interaction too. Regulars on forums / comments (I believe it was only well known regulars who were contacted) suddenly become bran washed zombies - and we have to rescue them LOL (I'm only rescuing anyone from comments btw)

  7. Thats "brain" washed zombies, not "bran" washed - I'm sure they all get enough fibre already.

  8. Thanks Q! For giving us some "credit"! LOl...

  9. I agree gf! I told my husband about it from the moment they started taking "auditions." We both thought that they need a lot of extras for an upcoming video. This is a good way to get people involved in an inexpensive way and to keep interest in the series up, since it has been wavering.

  10. oh, and me too. I am only rescuing dedicated commenters! No "on-the-fence" commenters. :)


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