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Sunday, May 6, 2007

IRC Q&A w/Jeromy Sunday May 6th (Updated)

CHAT TODAY in IRC at #outofgame!!!
surrealisticpill and skunkwaffle are moderating. Thanks you two.

1. Off topic chatter will result in sudden death - or being de-voiced (you pick)
2. No use of font color, bold, or italics and no emote speak unless you are asking the question.
3. Please register your nick
4. All questions should be posed in emote speak (/me asks about the sexual tension in the Maddison Atkins chapter)
5. If you have questions during the chat - please PM surrealisticpill or skunkwaffle.
6. We are going to field the questions in the order they are listed below. Second we'll discuss the disembodied questions. And if there is time, we'll open it up for a massive free-for-all oil wrestling match.

Sound Good?

in #outofgame

CGI client
type your nick in the first box
type irc.freenode.net in the second box
type #outofgame in the third box

info about IRC - don't ask me because I'll explain it poorly to you.

I'm still holding strong to the plot secrets, so please keep that in mind as you prepare your questions.

If you are unable to enter the IRC chat, then please don't worry because not only will the transcripts from the chat be posted, but we are also having one last chat this coming Wednesday in the LG15 chatroom. Details on that chat will appear in another post.

I am happy to be available to you before I have to venture back behind the curtain FOREVER! Well. Not forever, but for awhile at least. Let me be clear, after this Wednesday's chat, I will be TOTALLY UNAVAILABLE for any Out of Game dialogue. It was fun while it lasted, but it's time to go back into hiding.

I'm looking forward to it.


1. brooklynxman
of the 4 characters in the series, maddy, adam, mr zipp, and warpylol, can we expect to see a lot more of them, or will the next chapter be moving in a direction away from them?
2. jester
Question: Longest run on sentence of all time.
3. lola
Question: ?
4. lg15panda
Question: Regarding the drops -- obviously from day one there was a deadline (4/25) set in the ARG. We had a few scares during the game regarding the availability of drop retrievers and the hours that the drop venues were open/accessible, in particular the Kansas City drop and the Boston drop. I'm curious whether there was a fallback plan in case one of the drops could not be retrieved by the deadline? If so, are you at liberty to discuss what the fallback plan was?

4b. From Skunk How did you decide on which cities to have the drops in?

Like did you just go with where you knew people and hope there would be nearby fans, or did you seek out contacts in cities where you knew there were already fans available?

5. xovonchezio

6. saraphobia
My question is...if say Maddison and Adam are actually dead, what is the name of the ARG Series going to be? Does that make sense? Hope it does.
7. dejajeva
To Faye and (the) Jasons: Since this was your first experience with LG and with ARG's, will you continue to follow this ARG and/or LG15?
8. surrealisticpill
Over the course of the game, you used several different mediums to communicate with players (myspace, lg15 forums, YT mail, IRC chat, etc.) which of these did you prefer for text communication? Also, some people believe that IRC should not be involved in ARGs, and that the work should be hashed out in forums only. As a PM, do you think there were any aspects of the game that benefitted from players being in IRC? Do you see any downsides to players using IRC?

9. Thee Berean
I have a question... it was actually proposed by a totally random, outside source (Youtuber Floraviolax33)... but the inspiration for Mr. Zipp... Did you get the idea from "Mr. Zip (AKA 'Zippy')"... the thin (sometimes stick figure), always in a hurry, cartoon mailman created by the Postal Service back in the day... he was developed to remind people to use those new-fangled gosh-darn Zip codes.

From an OOG stand point... did you get the idea from the original Mr. Zip... if not, can you tell us what gave you the idea of Mr. Zip without giving away the plot? Maybe your girlfriend wrote it for you? Wink

There was a lot of discussion about the PM during the game. This mainly stemmed from the suspicion that Glenn might be involved. Given that this is against traditional ARG rules, how did this make you feel and do you think the speculation was either justified or fair?
11. voodoo
Is the Maddison Atkins story going to be revealed in its "completeness" (for lack of a better word) at a later point in time? For example.. in a year or so, will you put up a website with how you came up with everything, the creative process, what would have happened, what could have happened, etc, etc?

12. Danielle

13. elixer
What made you decide to use a carrier pigeon in this ARG, and where did you get him from?

Supplementary to this question, did you have to train him? Can he really fly? And does he prefer boxers or briefs? Wink

14. deagol
You're Miles. Or Mesh, or even Amanda. What do you do about LG15? where do you take the story?

15. esteed
Jeromy, what are your major inspirations as a storyteller? (Not just this story, rather your overall style and the type and tone of stories you tell. If any of these inspirations would give away too much of the plot, or would make it easy to figure out plot secrets, feel free to not mention those.)

Other Questions - Time Allowing

I think the team of Jeromy Barber, Jason Zednick (Adam), and Faye Austin (Maddison) has something special. I wonder if you would consider the possibility of working together to produce an independent film of some kind, either a 'short' or something feature length? How likely is that to happen?

Is there a question that has not yet been asked that you have been wanting to answer, and if so, what is the question and answer?

A train leaves the station in Dallas, TX, going 35 miles per hour... Another train leaves Tokyo Japan going 135 miles per hour. If the creators of LG15 came by and told you that they wanted to incorperate MaddisonAtkins into their show, What would you say? What would you do? How much money would it take for them to win you over? and What are hot dogs REALLY made of? (<---- that's the important one there..)

Can the actors talk about their feelings about being complimented and criticized throughout the process?

Jason and Faye will both be present. AND Jason McRoberts who played the assassin will be in chat too.

For more details go here.

List of Internet Relay Chat commands



  1. jeromy updated his original post about the IRC Q&A with rules and structure for the chat. Please be familiar with these guidelines before entering the channel. Hope to see everyone there tonite!


  2. thanks MM. I cant make it but I hope you guys have fun!

  3. Yea.......maybe one day we can get 436 to eliminate time zones:)


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