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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jonas Talks Back!

Q. Why don't you guys get together with Taylor and Sarah?

Jonas says:

we've chatted on-line a bit & hung out once. but they're pretty busy with their own lives... school is ending soon, family stuff, etc

.......and then he says:

by the way, got a bunch of messages about my "math skills" or lack there of in the 1500 miles vid. let me explain: i was estimating. no, i didn't actually plot out the mileage from my home, or the bunker, or anywhere else to this BORING hot desert of a state. it's a ball park number... ya know how people say it's 3000 miles across the country & therefore 1500 1/2 way? well, i just rounded off. so ya, it was just a way for me to explain my feelings. all the offers for math tutoring are greatly appreciated, but unnecessary


Jonas says:

Posted: Tue May 15, 2007 7:23 pm

Yes ma'am we're still in Texas. (closest thing i could find to a cowboy hat... how do you make those things anyway?) And yes, it's b-o-r-i-n-g. But DB & I've decided not leave without Bree, or at least some contact from her. We need to know she's ok before we go anywhere. So it's me, DB, and the 5 channels we get on the motel tv.


Q. Soes that mean that u and DB think the Ceremony is gonna be in TX?

Jonas says:

to be honest, we have no idea. it could be in idaho for all we know. is there a special or meaningful place they have the ceremony? or can it be performed anywhere? these are all questions we're looking to answer. unfortunately, this is one thing we have no leads on whatsoever.

what do you think?



  1. The "Q" in this article stands for Question and not QtheC, although given the chance, I could probably come up with some questions to ask Jonas...


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