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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Just what is the LG15 Slide?

Rumors have begun to spread of a new dance infecting the LG15 community. The moves were originally inspired by the steps Bree learned for the Ceremony and interpreted by Voyboy to go something like this:

“Turn turn…and step bump, step bump bump, step, bump, step bump bump!”

Some people have speculated that the LG15 Slide is only the Macerena set to the Tachyon theme song "What Time Is It" but we have not been able to confirm that allegation.

Others have speculated that the dance bears a striking resemmblance to this memorable moment:

What is the truth? Well we will leave Voyboy to answer that one.


  1. Ahahaha, that was great. Any vids of the actual dance? :P

  2. Well I think Voyboy is dealing with a fire near where he lives at the moment but when he gets back into operation I hope he will show us how to do the LG15 Slide.


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