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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Today on LG15

(Again apologies for any transcript errors - I haven't checked it against the LGpedia version)

Today on LG15 P.Monkey got it on with Sarah!

Sarah: Believe me when I tell you I don't video blog.

Sarah - this is LG15, blogging is essential!!!

Sarah: I'm just bored out of my mind. So I'm doing this as kind of like, an art installation piece. Title of my piece: Bored As Hell Blogging. I'm the art, "Me." Stuck in this room cause out there are the gloom and doom brothers. I thought coming to California would be a magical adventure.Isn't exactly what I had in mind is it? (close-up) We must fight the Order! We must save Bree! Ruuuuuuuuuun!! Urgh. I'm sorry. Bree left willingly you know? Plus she seems pretty into this whole lame Hymn of One crap. Those videos make me fall over. (She falls back on the bed.) (Does an impression of Bree) Sing the eternal annoying song. Ugh. I don't know if I wanna be part of this.

Too late now Sarah!

Sarah: Imagine it's like a hundred and ten degrees in my room. Hot. And I'm doing it Bikram style. (She falls down) That's yoga, you pervs.

(montage of Sarah kissing and beating up P. Monkey)

Sarah: My bored as hell blogging continues. I am now going to say whatever pops into my head. Red... Black.... Boots..... Ninja. (tries to do ninja stle pose)Cheese.... Colossus.... Colossus loves cheese. I like donuts. (tapping camera) Hello in there.

(Sarah now talks to Taylor via video link up on PC)

Product placement for Skype?

Sarah:Chitty-chatty Taylor is going on and on. I'm more bored than I was before.
Taylor: ....tried to get them off but instead she like sliced my finger open and it was really gory...
Sarah: (To Taylor.) Ok be quiet now! I need to know if you're taking good care of Colossus.
Taylor: Colossus is good.
Sarah: What do you mean by "good"?
Taylor: Good.
Sarah: Is he dead?
Taylor: Sarah! I didn't kill your ferret. He's fine.
Sarah: (To camera) If she killed my ferret, I'm going to be pissed off.
Taylor: But I'm sure he misses you.
Sarah: Hm, sweet. Anything new with Mom?
Taylor: Umm... she cut her hair really short, and tried to make it light blonde, but it turned out red.
Sarah: That's pretty.
Taylor: It's a lot better than it sounds.
Sarah: Okay then.
Taylor: Dad called Mom and left her a message on her cell phone.
Sarah: What did he say?
Taylor: I don't know, Mom wouldn't let me listen to the message, but it made her completely sad for like, two days. Sarah, you should call her again. She got really happy after she talked to you yesterday.
Sarah: Yeah, I'll try. (mouths) No I won't.
Taylor: Oh, um, before I forget, Perry says hi.
Sarah: You're hanging out with Perry?
Taylor: Well, he came over to get his shirt he left here and yeah, we hung out.
Sarah: What do you mean you hung out?
Taylor: It means that um, Perry is nice. And um, (lifts up her hair to reveal what seems to be a love-bite) kinda cute.

Eeeeeew! Taylor! You are meant to be the innocent one!!!

Sarah: Get that away from me! (She gags again) I just threw up in my mouth.
Taylor: Ok - over dramatic.
Sarah: Does he know that he can get arrested in like fifty states for even touching you?
Taylor: He's only seventeen, he won't be eighteen for like, two months.
Sarah: Oh, great, tell him that he can suck away on you for the next two months. All right.....I gotta go.... you're making my bored as hell blogging more boring than it is. (closes her laptop) Bye.
Taylor: Wait Sarah....

Oh dear...

Sarah: I'm pretending this stuffed monkey is Daniel. (She kisses P. Monkey, then presses him to her chest.) This is his favourite part...

Did the Beast get monkeyfied with Sarah? Stay tuned...


  1. U do an amazing job with these GF

  2. Skype, GF? Does that remind you of anything? :)


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