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Monday, May 7, 2007

YouTube Shares Revenue, YouTube LG15 Videos catch up with Lonelygirl15.com

Several commenters on Lonelygirl15.com (including EchelonGirl30, Moondoogle, Gidget, iluuvme, Kemo, and orbthesela), today noted that during the lull in new videos since last Friday, the video postings on YouTube have caught up to those on the main LG15 website.

As modelmotion pointed out, this may be related to the breaking news that YouTube is finally ready to share revenue, at least with some video providers. Here are two early articles, picked up by the RSS feed found on the right hand side of this blog:

YouTube Shares The Wealth, Viacom Watches, Revver Trembles
Epicenter - Wired Blogs : Monday May 7, 2007

Lonelygirl15, your cheque is in the mail
globeandmail.com : Mathew Ingram, May 4, 2007

This seems a likely coupling of events.

However, it is possible the Lonelygirl creators also have other reasons for synching YouTube back up with their main website. As Milowent pointed out in his April 26 blog entry Smosh Takes YouTube Throne: Google Demands Refund, the lag in posting videos might have driven the most loyal fans to the main site, leaving a disproportionate number of haters posting on the vids left behind on YouTube, without the loyal "defense force" to counteract them.

~ QtheC


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